Create over $10k/mo with your dental membership program (Case Study)

I have been able to interview many practices that are building and growing their membership programs. In this ebook, we will discuss specific strategies to help your practice explode with growth. We will show you specific case studies with BoomCloud customers. Building your Membership program with BoomCloud takes work, time, effort and consistency. But, any effort that you put into your program will in return benefit your practice. 

I spoke with one of our fastest-growing clients the other day. I was analyzing there account a few weeks ago and had discovered that they had grown their membership program from 0 to 382 patients in 10 months. I was amazed by their growth. I decided to call the office and interview them. This is what I discovered.


I asked them “What have you done to grow your membership program?”

What they told me will help your practice grow and have success with your membership program if you apply what they have done.

Speak with Everyone

The practice was willing to speak with everyone that came into their practices. They spoke with old patients, new patients, patients that had insurance and patients that didn’t have insurance. If you don’t open your mouth and speak to patients about your membership program you will not grow. Get your office in the habit of speaking about your program. You will be able to increase your numbers by just speaking.


All Employees Must Be Onboard

Make sure everyone is on the same page. Your office manager needs to know how to speak about your membership program. Your hygienist needs to know how to speak about your membership program. The doctor needs to know how to speak about the membership program. Everyone in your office needs to understand how to present to your patients.


Membership Pamphlets In Every Room

Your patients need to see marketing material about the membership program in every room. This will remind your team to speak about it and encourage your patients to ask questions about the membership.


Text & Email

Most likely you have hundreds or even thousands of patient contact information. Create an email marketing campaign with MailChimp and start sending automated emails to your patients. You can also get your patient’s phone numbers and do the

same thing with text. Create an offer for these patients. Give them a free whitening kit if they sign up for your membership program. When they do sign up for your program, give them a tour of your office. Introduce them to the staff. Make them feel welcome. You will gain the patient’s trust and gain a patient for life. Treat them as you want to be treated.

If you are just getting started with your dental membership program, you are going to need some quick wins so you stay motivated! When you launch something new you are adding new systems and process to your practice, it takes practice to understand all the benefits and how to talk to patients about your membership program, much like learning the guitar or useful skills you need to practice.


I recommend going into your practice management software and pulling a report of all your uninsured patients. Once you get this report print it out and start contacting these patients by phone and start educating them about your dental membership program, the benefits they receive and how much they could save. Once you educate them, ask them if they would be interested in signing up for your program. If you use BoomCloud, you then can email them our enrollment form or enroll them over the phone.


You can use the same uninsured report to send these patients educational emails, I always recommend adding a video in the email to personalize the message and make it more engaging, use your phone to record the video or if you have the budget get a professional video made for your practice specifically educating your patients about your dental membership program.

As these uninsured patients come into your office you can talk to them face to face and tell them about the savings and benefits when they join!

Remember, Member patients buy 2X – 3.4X more than non-members, by starting out with existing patients you will create a loyalty system for your practice and patients will end up spending more and getting more work done at your office.

Use this strategy to capture the low hanging fruit in your own practice, but don’t forget the key to steady growth is external marketing in your local area.


Incentivize Your Employees

I spoke with an office about what they were doing to grow. They told me that the doctor would give them incentives. When a staff member signs up 10 patients they would receive a $100 gift card. This motivates your staff to talk about your program and get patients signed up.


Radio Ads

Radio ads give you the opportunity to reach 92% of listeners each week. On average, people listen to about 13 plus hours of radio each week. Radio gives your practice a chance to speak directly to your potential patients while they are driving, working out or relaxing at home. Here are some radio scripts that BoomCloud has written for our customers:


Script #1: Do you need dental care but don’t go to the dental office because you don’t have dental insurance? At PRACTICE NAME, you do not need dental insurance to see our practice! We have a dental membership program where you pay a small monthly subscription to get access to benefits and savings on your treatment. When you become a member of our practice you will receive cleanings, exams, X-rays and other preventative care services, you will also receive XX% off any crowns or additional services you may need. Call or visit our office today and ask about our dental membership program! Phone number – 000-123-4567 or visit our website at www.website.com!


Alternative intro: If you use a lead magnet (free whitening kit) that you can give away, this will attract uninsured patients. Make sure your lead magnet doesn’t take away your time like a free exam (this takes away time from doctor or hygienist and is not recommended because time is valuable vs just giving away a simple product.)


Script #2: Don’t have dental insurance? come visit our office to get a free whitening kit on us! At PRACTICE NAME, you do not need dental insurance to see our practice! We have a dental membership program where you pay a small monthly subscription to get access to benefits and savings on your treatment (much like Amazon Prime but for dental!). When you become a member of our practice you will receive cleanings, exams, X-rays and other preventative care services, you will also receive XX% off any crowns or additional services you may need. Call or visit our office today and ask about our dental membership program! Phone number – 000-123-4567 or visit our website at www.website.com!


Facebook/Instagram Ads

There are several ways to promote your membership program on social media


1. Building a following on your facebook group or page for your practice and posting creative, entertaining and educational posts about your dental membership program. Some practices make personal videos that vary from patients talking about why they love being a member to team members educating your following about insurance and why your membership program would be better for them. I highly recommend using this strategy.


2. Social media advertising, This is where you create one or two ads that educate about your membership program and you simply spend money to distribute your ads to your local community on facebook or other platforms, this could be a great way to get the word out quickly and allow patients to get educated. Best practices are to have a clear call to action and collect the leads contact info so that you can personally educate them about your membership program.


Direct Mail


Having some sort of external marketing strategy to grow your membership program is essential. If you truly want to get 1,000 members you need to be proactively reaching out and educating your local market about your membership program. Ac- cording to the U.S. surgeon general over 108 million Americans lack dental insurance. This is a large market that your practice can use to grow and help patients. A big mistake that practice makes when using direct mail is not focusing on the right message. You need to make sure that your messaging educates uninsured patients about your program as this is the best demographic. You also need to distribute the direct mail pieces to communities where the majority of the residents don’t have dental insurance like 55 and up communities, since they are retiring or getting ready to retire they lose their dental benefits, make sure you are targeting the right locations.


Local Business Outreach

A great way to grow your membership is to reach out to patients that own their own company and have employees. You can easily talk to these patients and educate them on why your membership program is better and less expensive than regular dental insurance, once you sign the owner up encourage them to sign up their employees as a benefit for working at the company. You can also reach out to other local businesses in your area and educate them on your membership program. Going directly to local businesses does take a lot of time, I recommend you have a dedicated person do this role. A good strategy to follow is using ground marketing techniques taught by my good friend Michael Arias – http://thedentalmarketer.site/


BoomCloud Growth Services

Marketing is extremely important to growing your dental membership program. If you are not growing, then your program will plateau and die. Growth creates more recurring revenue for your practice. In my interviews with our customers I have learned that BoomCloud creates a financial reserve for practices. This means that when a practices is starting a new month in business that they start their financial month in the positive (EX: $10k in monthly recurring revenue) instead of starting at zero. A membership program is a financial safety net that protects your business’ cash- flow.

Having financial reserves is the most important strategy for any business. This is why growing your membership program is so important. BoomCloud provides a growth service that gets you to this point. Check out our website to learn more about Growth Services https://boomcloudapps.com/growth-services/


You may also contact me at this link about BoomCloud Growth Services



 Chapin Dental Case Study

I discovered Chapin Dental’s success when I noticed that they started with BoomCloud in January of 2019. I saw that they had grown their membership program from 0 to 381 patients in 8 months. I spoke with Amy about the success that they were having. They were applying a majority of the tips in this ebook. One thing that I

learned was that everyone at their office was on the same page in regards to their membership program. Everyone knows how to talk about the program with their patients. Check out my interview with Amy and see how much they have grown in 8 months.


Executive Summary

We needed a program to better manage and automate our company. BoomCloud has definitely kept us organized while providing a steady residual extra income for our company.


What Are Your Favorite Features in BoomCloud?

The flexibility that it gives patients another option, especially for those that are retired. It helps patients financially instead of paying a crazy amount in premiums.


How BloomCloud Has Simplified our Time?

It’s nice to have tracking. The Dashboard enables us to gather a lot of info we didn’t have before.


How a Membership Program Has Changed our Practice?

A service we can provide to our patients.


What Have you Done to Expand Your Membership Program?

From the very start Facebook blasts. Texting and emailing every patient. Communicating with every patient. Everybody in the office is on board. Every room in the office has information about the membership program. Every staff member knows how to speak about the program.


Goals for Expanding Your Membership Program

We have plenty of patients within our network Every new patient that walks in signs up for the membership.


Examples of Patients Lives Being Improved Because They Can Afford the Care they Need on the Membership Program?

Patients are doing treatments they otherwise couldn’t have afforded.


How BoomCloud helped in Regards to Patient Loyalty and Revenue

Helps with Financial goals. Reserves have helped stabilize the office. At the beginning of every year, we start at $130,600 in our account instead of $0 which is life-changing.


Notes about growth (See graph on next page)

In 10 months, Chapin dental signed up 462 members to their dental membership program with an average of 46 sign-ups each month.

  •  9.3% of memberships in January were monthly
  •  We also noticed a dip in July. 41% of their membership sign-ups were because of monthly plans. Monthly plans are great because they have a lower barrier to entry which makes it easier to sell.
  •  45% of memberships in October were monthly

The most exciting part of this case study is that every year they will continue to automatically add revenue each month. It will continue to compound as the practice adds more yearly and monthly memberships.

Here is a graph that will help you visualize the growth of this membership program.


Thank you so much for reading this case study. I hope it has inspired you to create and grow a dental membership program using BoomCloud. I recommend that you schedule a demo to see how BoomCloud can help you create and grow a dental membership program.




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