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What is BoomCloud™?

BoomCloud is a revenue-as-a-service platform that automates dental membership programs and accounts receivable, reduces PPOs, and installs profitable patient financing in your practice!

Practices that use BoomCloud can grow and scale their membership programs to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in predictable recurring revenue each year.

BoomCloud helps your practice systemize a membership program, which helps you generate predictable, reoccurring revenue, build a loyal patient base, reduce dependence on PPOs, and increase case acceptance by 2x-3.5x.

Practices Trust BoomCloud™

Case Studies

Wood River Dental

Case Study

Learn how Wood River Dental had success with their patient membership plan & how your practice would benefit by using BoomCloud™.

Dr. Brady Frank

Case Study

Dr. Brady Frank grew his program to just under 2,000 active membership patients. You can achieve similar results with BoomCloud™!

Grass Valley Smiles

Case Study

Grass Valley Smiles started their membership program during the pandemic. They have grown and helped so many uninsured patients.

7 to 7 Dental

Case Study - Multi Location

Learn how 7 to 7 Dental had success with their million dollar patient membership plan & how your practice would benefit by using BoomCloud™.

DSO Case Study

DSOs & multi location private practices have the opportunity to create millions of dollars in predictable recurring revenue via their membership plan when powered by BoomCloud™

Multi location practices generate 3X the recurring revenue than a single location. We found that when a practice or DSO has. adedicated marketing team or agency, their mebership plan and overall business is healthier than the practices that do not have a dedicated marketing function.

Increase Average Revenue Per Patient

Practices and DSOs that offer a membership plan have a more loyal patient base that spends 2X to 3X more on treatment. As you grow your membership plan you create a recurring revenue stream and provide an avenue for better care for patients and drive a healthier practice.

Same Store Growth

A membership program helps your DSO increase same store growth and optimze your revenue per patient leading to more favorable terms for expansion and practice valuation.

BoomCloud has quickly become a powerful tool in the belt of my dental practice.  For a long period of time, my practice has served as an instrument of recommendation to the insurance industry.  That was before I discovered this great product.  BoomCloud has given me the opportunity to break away from the mold.  In my opinion, a fully insurance driven practice must abide by limitations, and, even though dental insurance is not going away anytime soon, those of us who have discovered adding membership programs to our practice can now move forward according to our own music.

Ben Scott, DDS

Owner, CU Dental

Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud™ we signed up a few families for our membership program

BoomCloud™ has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice.

Flint Tomlinson, DDS

Owner, Tomlinson Dental

We are loving our dental Savings Plan through BoomCloud. It has been super easy to learn and use. Great customer service through Jordon and his friendly team. Our patients are loving it! We have even had patients in tears of joy because they are so happy that we care about them and their children’s dental care.

Kimberly Taylor

Office Manager, Adventure Dental