Case Study

Grass Valley Smiles

Grass Valley Smiles started their membership program at the begining of the pandemic shutdown. They have grown consistently each month and have helped so many uninsured patients.


 Company Name: Grass Valley Smiles
Date: May 2020 to July 2020


We needed a program to better manage and automate our company. BoomCloud has definitely kept us organized while providing a steady residual extra income for our company. 


Why We Chose BoomCloud

We love BoomCloud because of how easy it is to sign people up! Very quick and easy to sign up members, track & automate payments and track benefits. 

Also, we love the payment plans. Monthly or yearly financial arrangements and dashboards!

 Starting a membership program with BoomCloud has been great! Patients that don’t have dental benefits love our plan! Our practice loves the BoomCloud team and nice they have made using the software and managing a dental membership program. We have signed up over 100 patients in 3 months. It has improved our loyalty with our patients. The extra recurring revenue isn’t bad either 🙂

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Instant Results

We launched our program and within a few days we started to sign up patients! BoomCloud helped us set up the plan, it required very little work to get things off the ground as the BoomCloud team has thought through everything for us in the software! 

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The Numbers

BoomCloud makes it extremely simple and easy to manage a membership program. Check out how Grass Valley achieved success in just 3 months of promoting their new membership plan!


    Monthly Recurring Revenue


    Active Members


    Annual Recurring Revenue


    Total Months

    • Uninsured Patients in Practice 22% 22%
    “BoomCloud has been great! Patients that don’t have dental benefits love our membership plan! Same for our practice. We have over 100 patients in 3 months. It has improved our loyalty with our patients. Extra revenue isn’t bad either!” I highly recommend BoomCloud!
    Barbara Sharp

    Office Manager, Dental Wellness Center


    How did they grow the program? 

    • BoomCloud is listed on our website
    • We tell patients about it when they come in
    • Spoken about when we make phone calls
    • Brochures in every room 
    • Hygienists share with every patient 
    • We have a huddle every morning
    • Do our research – do chart reviews who doesn’t have insurance and reach out to them

    How BoomCloud can help your practice.

    BoomCloud is a software tool that helps practices create, organize, track and automate a dental membership program. In addition to software, we provide you with a success team to help you achieve more revenue, more loyal patients and a way to attract more new patients. Schedule a demo to see if BoomCloud is a fit for your office!

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