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What is BoomCloud?

BoomCloud is a software that allows dental practices to create, organize and automate an in-house membership program. Generate recurring revenue for your practice and make it easy for patients to accept treatment. Schedule a demo.

It didn’t take long for our staff members and many of our patients to discover the benefits of implementing the BoomCloud Dental Membership Software into our practice. We have experienced an increase in treatment case acceptance by our patients who are members and they are enjoying all of their savings! BoomCloud has given us the system to help make dentistry affordable for many of our non-insured patients to receive dental cleanings twice per year, as well as accomplish treatment that they previously had to put on hold due to cost. We have seen multiple patients switch from an insurance plan they were unhappy with, to becoming a satisfied member of our savings plan. BoomCloud Dental Membership Software has been the answer to the savings program our practice has been searching for! The program is very user friendly for both the customer and provider. Their customer service department is great and are always so prompt in assisting me. I would recommend this company to any dental practice interested in providing a great alternative to insurance for their patients.
Jaci Jackson

Office Manager

“Within minutes of signing up for BoomCloud we signed up a few families for our membership program”

“BoomCloud has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our practice”

Dr. Flint Tomlinson, DMD


If you want to do more than dabble in offering a membership plan and make it simple for your team to manage it, do not DIY – use boomcloudapps.com 
The software is amazing and so are the pricing tools and marketing

Penny Reed

Dental Business Consultant

I rarely see the “do it myself” plans really working as intended. Jordon Comstock and I just did a podcast about this. Make sure you understand the difference between a discount plan and a recurring revenue system!


Genevieve Poppe

Dental Business Consultant

We’ve used BoomCloud for a year and a half. During that time, our membership plan has grown to include nearly 200 patients without any external marketing at all. My team presents it as an option to all new patients and to existing patients who have no dental benefits plan coverage. It’s also provided an in-house option for financing care to enable qualified patients to fit their treatment into their budgets with recurring payments. As some employers cut back on their benefits, we’re positioned to offer a competitive option that keeps patients returning for care.

Paul Cardon, DDS


“BoomCloud Dental Membership Software has quickly become a powerful tool in the belt of my dental practice.  For a long period of time, my practice has served as an instrument of recommendation to the insurance industry.  That was before I discovered Jordon Comstock’s great product.  BoomCloud’s Membership Software has given me the opportunity to break away from the mold.  In my opinion, a fully insurance driven practice must abide by limitations, and, even though dental insurance is not going away anytime soon, those of us who have discovered adding membership programs to our practice can now move forward according to our own music.  Many of my non-insurance patients have become members.  Many patients in my community have sought us out as an alternative to purchasing insurance, and we are just 4 months in!  I think membership programs are going to change the face of dentistry.  What sets BoomCloud apart is it’s customer service.  It is not uncommon for the CEO himself to intervene should we have questions or need assistance.  Mr. Comstock’s team is fast to answer and present to problem solve.  BoomCloud Membership software is user friendly and links to my website so patients can sign up online.”
R. Benjamin Scott, DMD


Being a dentist/business owner, time is a precious commodity. The more you grow your plan, the more labor intensive it will become to track and manage your membership plan. I’m not sure why a dentist would want to incur the expense of paying an employee or add another job to their already busy life and career. I’ve made some bad decisions in my career, but the decision to use BoomCloud to manage my membership plan is not one of them. Great dashboard for tracking plan benefits and KPI’s, manages and tacks all ACH and credit card payments, and we also use it for in-office payment plans for eligible patients.”

Don’t waste time and money……..CONTACT Jordon Comstock AND BOOMCLOUD!!

Stacy Wince, DDS


BoomCloud with Jordon Comstock has a set fee per month (They do not charge a percentage of your sales). They are easy to work with and are always innovating. If you have an in-house dental plan, why would you pay an hourly wage, FICA, benefits etc. to have an employee manage the plan? Your employees should be attending to your patients. 
The number one reason most Practices feel they HAVE to be in network is because they are more worried about paper work than people. Let technology do it’s thing. Make the patient experience memorable. They will come back!”

Mary Fisher-Day

Dental Business Consultant

We are loving our dental Savings Plan through BoomCloud. It has been super easy to learn and use. Great customer service through Jordon and his friendly team. Our patients are loving it! We have even had patients in tears of joy because they are so happy that we care about them and their children’s dental care. We are a pediatric dental office in Utah. I give it five stars!


Kimberly Sprague Taylor

Office Team Member @ Adventure Dental