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Below you can download marketing and promoting tools to help you successfully resell BoomCloud.

Jordon’s Bio:

Jordon Comstock is the founder and CEO of BoomCloud. BoomCloud exists to help dental practices create, organize, track and automate a dental membership program as a strategy to reduce dependence on dental insurance, create recurring revenue, increase patient loyalty and case acceptence . Jordon started his career in the dental industry managing a dental lab over 15 years ago and soon realized the need for our industry to create membership programs. He studied UX/UI design, web development and marketing at the Art Institute of Salt Lake City. Jordon is crazy passionate about helping practices create recurring revenue and helping themĀ eliminate the evil empire of dental insurance šŸ™‚


BoomCloud Logo

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Sales Presentation Video

This is a live webinar we do to generate interest in BoomCloud and membership plans. Watch the webinar and get educated on our value proposition for BoomCloud.

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Example Plans

Use this template to help your office communicate to your patients about your dental membership program.

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Case Studies

This success plan shows practices how to grow with existing patients. Use this strategy to grow your membership.

Grass Valley | Dr. Brady FrankĀ 

Jordon's Headshot

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Sales Slide Deck

Use these slides to help you present BoomCloud to your clients. This will help you educate and provide value to them before you close the deal. You can print out the slides as well.

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Use this resource to help you understand why practice love BoomCloud. You can also show these testimonials to clients you are working with.

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Starter Guide

Share the BoomCloud Starter Guide with your practices! This will give them more resources and education to help them grow their dental membership program.

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BoomCloud University

Share the BoomCloud University with your practices. This will help educate their team on the concept of a dental membership and how their pracctice can grow a membership base

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