Case Study

7 to 7 Dental

With the help of BoomCloud, this practice grew their in house membership program to 3000+ active patients. Their team learned how to sell it early and often and have been a very successful practice!


Company Name: 7 to 7 Dental
Date:  2024


“We started manually offering a membership plan in 2009. We found that a lot of patient were losing their jobs and needed a way to offer them a reason to stay loyal with our practice. The biggest problem we had was the lack of tracking and managing subscriptions/ automations. We signed up with BoomCloud in 2021 and quickly scaled to thousands of active members.”

The Numbers

BoomCloud makes it extremely simple and easy to manage a membership program. Check out how 7 to 7 Dental achieved success by promoting their membership plan!


    Monthly Recurring Revenue


    Active Members


    Annual Recurring Revenue


    Total Locations


    Avg. Member Per Location

    • Uninsured Patients in Practice 30% 30%

    Why We Chose BoomCloud

    We chose BoomCloud because of how simple and easy they made it to launch and grow our membership plan. We loved the tracking and metrics dashboard to help us understand the health of our subscriptions. For years we tried managing a program using a manual process but it could never scale. Offering a membership plan is a volume game if you want the real benefits of recurring revenue and patient loyalty.

    Instant Results

    We grew our membership plan in a few short years to over 3,000 active membership patients. We are thrilled with BoomCloud and the service they offer to the dental industry. Our membership patients have quickly become our ideal patient that we want to continue to attract in our office.

    We use a 3 tier subscription offering for our patients and the majority of our patients choose our highest subscription tier of $49/mo. We allow both monthly and yearly options to our patient base. 

    Membership patients are loyal and committed to accepting the treatment they need.

    brady frank
    “BoomCloud has been great! Patients that don’t have dental benefits love our membership plan! Same for our practice. We have over 100 patients in 3 months. It has improved our loyalty with our patients. Extra revenue isn’t bad either!” I highly recommend BoomCloud!
    Barbara Sharp

    Office Manager, Dental Wellness Center

    How did they grow the program? 

    • BoomCloud is listed on our website
    • We tell patients about it when they come in
    • Spoken about when we make phone calls
    • Brochures in every room 
    • Hygienists & assistants share with every patient 
    • We have a huddle every morning
    • Do our research – do chart reviews who doesn’t have insurance and reach out to them
    • Reached out to small business owners

    How BoomCloud can help your practice.

    BoomCloud is a software tool that helps practices create, organize, track and automate a dental membership program. In addition to software, we provide you with a success team to help you achieve more revenue, more loyal patients and a way to attract more new patients. Schedule a demo to see if BoomCloud is a fit for your office!

    Membership Plan Success Calculator

    Are you ready to create recurring revenue like Wood River Dental? Use our calculator to forecast how much recurring revenue you are missing out by not offering or scaling your patient membership program! Learn fromWood River Dental’s case study and join BoomCloud so you can be another success story!

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