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  • 1 Ebook How to unleash the potential of a dental membership program.
  • 1 Ebook How to unlock the secrets to boost your earnings and make up to $1,000,000/year with your membership plan!
  • The BoomCloud University – These online video courses help educate your team about memberships.
  • 1 Webinar – Our ‘Escape the Dental Chair’ webinar to discover innovative growth strategies and gain a competitive edge in your dental practice, led by industry experts Jordan Comstock and Dr. Mark Costes. Learn from the best to revolutionize your approach and achieve unparalleled success.
  • 1 Webinar – The “Increase Income Without Increasing Production” webinar provides dentists and office managers with strategies to boost practice profitability. Experts will discuss dental insurance navigation, effective membership programs, and enhancing profitability.
  • What is BoomCloud? Videos talking about How BoomCloud can help your practice grow a membership plan.
  • Membership Program Checklist to make sure you are organized when launching your membership program

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More Success with BoomCloud™

More Revenue from Members

Why You Need BoomCloud™!

BoomCloud was the first software solution to focus on building and growing patient membership programs. We have the most experience to ensure recurring revenue growth and easy to use tools to automate your membership program. Practices who use BoomCloud are 7x more successful than using other solutions and members spend 3x more with your practice.

We truly partner with your practice and provide your team with our Revenue Growth Managers to help consult with your office and even help you perform text and call campaigns and find local businesses to join your membership program.


Ptactices Trust BoomCloud™

“It is so simple and easy! Your practice can offer a membership plan by the afternoon!”

7 to 7 Dental

Case Study - Multi Location

Learn how 7 to 7 Dental had success with their million dollar patient membership plan & how your practice would benefit by using BoomCloud™.

DSO Case Study

DSOs & multi location private practices have the opportunity to create millions of dollars in predictable recurring revenue via their membership plan when powered by BoomCloud™

Multi location practices generate 3X the recurring revenue than a single location. We found that when a practice or DSO has. adedicated marketing team or agency, their mebership plan and overall business is healthier than the practices that do not have a dedicated marketing function.

Increase Average Revenue Per Patient

Practices and DSOs that offer a membership plan have a more loyal patient base that spends 2X to 3X more on treatment. As you grow your membership plan you create a recurring revenue stream and provide an avenue for better care for patients and drive a healthier practice.

Same Store Growth

A membership program helps your DSO increase same store growth and optimze your revenue per patient leading to more favorable terms for expansion and practice valuation.