Membership Growth Platform

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of your practice. BoomCloud powers your membership program and helps create, automate, track and grow with our artificial intelligent revenue bots and strategic humans. We are the only platform that drives revenue growth and partners with your practice to ensure success.

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Revenue Growth Management™

We focus on strategically growing your membership program with our AI revenue bots that find uninsured & inactive patients! Your practice is assigned to one of our revenue growth managers™ to strategically design your plan based on your local demographics, drive recurring revenue and case acceptance via our treatment plan designer.

Behavior Enhancement

We know that implementing a new software can be challeging. We make it easy by helping you motivate your team with our rewards tracking system. Healthy competition is necessary for success, Our National leader board will help drive awareness of what can be achieved & organically drive your team to win new recurring revenue.

Intelligent Metrics

You improve what you measure. BoomCloud makes tracking critical metrics easy to understand with our elegant dashboard design. You can forecast membership renewals, update pricing, automatically update declined or deactivated credit cards with our decline minimizer, and reconcile with our accounting and bank deposit reports.

Patient Marketplace™

We built the first Patient Marketplace™. We are attracting thousands of potential patients per month who need dental care and are interested in saving by joining your membership plan! When you use our technology, we automatically add your listing on the Patient Marketplace and help drive membership sign ups to your dental practice.

Local B2B Outreach (beta)

We use A.I. to automatically find local businesses and their contact information. We automate outreach campaigns that educate small businesses in your area about your membership plan & help them & their employees sign up to your plan. You can easily help your community get quality care. Growing your membership has never been easier with us as your true growth partner.

Opportunity Finder

We use A.I. to automatically identify uninsured patients & inactive patients in your practice management system. We also compile all leads from local businesses & from Patient Marketplace™ We make it easy to send SMS campaigns to your patients and allow them to sign up for your membership plan online via our automatically generated sign up pages.

PPOs are Nasty. Start a Membership Program!

Insurance companies destroy your profit margins, kill your cash flow and jeopardize your patient experience. Dental Membership programs help maximize your practice, create recurring revenue and enhance patient loyalty!

More Success with BoomCloud

More revenue from Members

Why You Need BoomCloud!

BoomCloud was the first software solution to focus on building and growing dental membership programs. We have the most experience to ensure recurring revenue growth and easy to use tools to automate your membership program. Practices who use BoomCloud are 7x more successful than using other solutions and members spend 3x more with your practice.

We truly partner with your practice and provide your team with our Revenue Growth Managers to help consult with your office and even help you perform text and call campaigns and find local businesses to join your membership program.