Growth Services

For practices that are serious about growing their membership program. BoomCloud Growth Services will help with the following:

  • Attract new uninsured patients to your practice
  • Create ads & Campaigns
  • Manage ads & Leads


What's Included?

Marketing is extremely important to growing your dental membership program. If you are serious about reaching 1,000+ membership patients you will need to attract new uninsured patients to your practice. Here is a list of services we provide to help you achieve your growth goals:

  • Facebook Ad Management
  • Facebook Ad Creative Creation
  • Ad Reporting
  • Lead Generation
  • Success Manager

When we launch your campaigns we recommend that you purchase Opalescence Go Whitening Kits as you will need because we will offer all uninsured patients free whitening kits and create Facebook ads based on this strategy.



  • Practice Email
  • Link to the privacy policy
  • Office location
  • Verify Facebook Pixel