Membership Growth Training

The most exciting part of starting a dental membership program is growing the program, helping patients receive the care they need and helping the practice build a recurring revenue stream. There are approximately 180 million Americans that lack dental insurance. The opportunity to grow your practice is incredible.

Here are some tips when it comes to growing your membership program.

  1. Create a free and valuable offer: We discussed in the video above that it is wise to give away an opalescence go whitening kit(or something else of value that doesn’t take away time from the doctor) to uninsured patients, advertise this on Facebook or any marketing channel that works for your practice. This will help attract new patients to your office!

2. Use the correct messaging: This is essential. You need to “call out” the uninsured patients. Here is a good example: Don’t have dental insurance? FREE whitening kit on us! download your coupon on our website or call our office to pick it up!

3. Membership plans are a marketing strategy: When you implement a dental membership program in your practice you have to think about it as a marketing strategy, case acceptance strategy, retention strategy and a recurring revenue strategy to help your practice’s cash flow. There are two types of marketing Internal (existing patients) and External (Potential patients). You need to use both to grow your program. Internally, you can pull a report from your practice management software and see how many uninsured patients are active in your practice. Contact these patients and get them to sign up for your membership program. External marketing requires a lot more time but it is worth it, I would consider hiring a direct mail marketing firm, Facebook ad agency or any type of dental marketing firm to help you grow your program.


I hope you enjoy our video training and please reach out if you have questions about growing your dental membership program.

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