Dental CE Courses – Replays

We are excited share our past dental CE courses for free on BoomCloud! In the fast-paced world of dentistry, continuing education is not just a buzzword; it’s the lifeblood of professional growth and practice success. Staying at the forefront of industry trends, technology, and techniques is not just advantageous—it’s crucial. But with the hustle of daily patient care, finding the time and resources to allocate to further education can feel like a root canal without anesthesia.

Enter a new generation of Continuing Education (CE) courses designed by industry experts for today’s dental professional. If you’re a dentist or a dental office manager looking to enhance your skills, streamline your practice, or simply take your career to the next level, this blog is your one-stop guide to the most engaging, enriching, and downright exciting dental CE courses available.

Buckle up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the world of dental CE courses that are shaping the future of dentistry. From enhancing patient experience to cracking the code on insurance, these courses promise to not only level up your professional game but to make the learning process as engaging and rewarding as possible.

Escape the Dental Chair Webinar with Jordon Comstock & Dr. Mark Costes

Imagine a world where you’re not just chained to the dental chair, but are free to explore the business side of dentistry, learning valuable insights that will elevate your practice to new heights. That’s the vision behind the ‘Escape the Dental Chair’ webinar. Backed by Jordon Comstock, an industry leader in dental marketing, and Dr. Mark Costes, an authority on dental practice management, this innovative webinar offers a refreshing take on business strategy.

Hosted in an interactive online format, the webinar goes beyond traditional CE by blending expert lectures with Q&A sessions, case studies, and even virtual ‘breakout’ rooms for hands-on practice. Learn to optimize your practice for efficiency, manage real-world challenges, and carve a path to professional freedom. After all, it’s not just about working in your business, but learning to work on your business for long-term success.

Passive Income for Dentistry Course by Jordon Comstock

For many dental professionals, the concept of passive income is as elusive as a perfectly executed root canal—great in theory, but rarely achievable. However, with Jordon Comstock’s Passive Income for Dentistry Course, the dream becomes tangible. This comprehensive course walks you through the nuts and bolts of generating passive income streams that are specific to dental practices.

From setting up profitable affiliate programs to creating and monetizing digital products, you’ll discover a myriad of ways to boost your income outside of routine patient care. The course doesn’t just stop at theory; it provides practical, step-by-step guidance, along with a suite of tools and resources to set you on the path to passive income success. Gain financial independence and a diversified income stream, all while maintaining your role as a trusted dental professional.

Insurance Anonymous by Jordon Comstock, Ben Tuinei & Genevieve Poppe

It’s no secret that dependence on Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) can limit the financial potential of dental practices. Jordon Comstock and Ben Tuinei cater to this concern with their dental CE courses, dedicated to breaking free from the constraints of PPOs. With a deep understanding of how these networks operate, the course lays out a strategic roadmap for reducing PPO dependence without sacrificing patient volume or profitability.

Attendees of this dynamic course will learn advanced negotiation techniques, innovative insurance strategies, and creative methods for attracting and retaining patients outside the PPO network. The goal? Shift the balance of power back to the dental professional, increasing revenue and taking control of insurance-based pricing. It’s empowerment through education, designed for dentists who are ready to buck the status quo.

Are PPOs The Devil? by Jordon Comstock And Dr. Mark Costes

Insurance Untangled Event by Jordon Comstock, Ben Tuinei & Naren

Unravel the complexities of dental insurance at the Insurance Untangled Event, where Jordon Comstock, Ben Tuinei, and Naren come together to demystify the insurance web. This high-energy, high-impact course is for dental professionals weary of insurance intricacies and looking to simplify their approach, reduce errors, and expedite the claims process.

From optimizing in-house insurance coordination to mastering claim filing, the event is a crash course in insurance efficiency. Special segments on patient communication and front office productivity ensure that every aspect of dealing with insurance is addressed. Walk away with a fresh perspective, streamlined processes, and a new lease on your dental practice’s potential.

Engage, Enrich, Elevate—The New Wave of Dental CE

The advent of these cutting-edge dental CE courses marks a shift in how professionals approach their ongoing education. No longer are CE hours a mere necessity for license renewal; they are becoming opportunities for revolutionizing practices, boosting income, and reclaiming agency over patient care.

By investing in these courses, you’re not just enhancing your skills; you’re becoming part of a community of forward-thinkers and industry leaders poised to chart the future of dentistry. The benefits are clear—improved patient care, heightened professional satisfaction, and a healthier bottom line. It’s time to escape the chair and take your dental career to places you’ve only dreamed of.

With the information provided here, you’re well on your way to seizing the opportunities laid out by these exceptional CE courses. Take the plunge, and remember, the more you learn, the more you earn!

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