Relentless Dentists Podcast Interview with Jordon Comstock & Dr. Dave

Insurance complications with patients and the lack of consistent reoccurring revenue are problems that most professionals in the dental industry face. Jordon Comstock, a natural problem solver, has found some simple ways to get rid of these common issues. His passion for leadership and a self-sufficient style of doing business is what got him to where he is today with many happy and successful clients in the dental industry.

Jordon shares his story and how he ended up working in the dental industry and found his passion for improving systems and processes. He also talks about key areas that are critical to building a more self-reliant and consistently profitable practice. Jordon sheds light on a few areas where dentists tend to miss opportunities for increased functionality, customer loyalty and profits.

The business that Jordon built, BoomCloud, addresses many of the organizational issues that come with having a subscription style practice. He talks about what services they provide to increase scalability and cut out the headaches that come with insurance billing and expired credit card payments. Overall he really plants a great idea that practices can easily avoid much of the hassle they currently deal with and gain more loyal and consistent clients.


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