5 powerful software tools for dental practices

There are a multitude of software choices for dental practices. What’s best for your practice? Jordon Comstock narrows down the field with five software tools that he has found consistently help dental practices stay organized and reach their goals.

In my article, “The power of systems and recurring revenue in your practice,” I wrote about the importance of systems and processes when managing a dental practice. Without systems, it would be chaotic and stressful to manage your practice. Software allows dentists to organize, automate, and track certain tasks.

Would you run your practice without scheduling or accounting software? While this can be done, it would be very challenging and time consuming. Here I want to talk about some of the most powerful software tools that I’ve researched that will allow your practice to grow revenue, build patient loyalty, understand your numbers, educate patients on treatment, and improve your practice overall.


Can you effectively communicate with your entire patient base? RevenueWell can help you create marketing campaigns both online and offline, and target specific demographics in your patient base. RevenueWell is a user-friendly software tool that integrates with your practice management software. It allows staff to automate patient communication, send marketing messages digitally or via postcard, and generate comprehensive market reports about your practice to help you understand your marketing metrics. Visit revenuewell.com/.


Are you ready to reduce your dependence on dental insurance and generate more profits and recurring revenue for your practice? BoomCloud is a cloud-based software program that allows your practice to create, organize, track, and automate an in-house membership program. Over half of the US population does not have dental insurance, and using a membership program can allow your practice to attract fee-for-service patients. BoomCloud provides a streamlined process to create plans and enroll patients in those plans right from your website. The software also allows you to automate monthly or yearly payments, track patient benefits, organize legal agreements from patients who sign up for your membership program, organize members, automate payment alerts, track results, and view key performance indicators through a user-friendly dashboard.

I founded BoomCloud in 2014 to help practices to reduce their dependence on dental insurance, implement a recurring revenue model, attract fee-for-service patients, and leverage a monthly or yearly program to encourage patient loyalty and increase case acceptance. Visit boomcloudapps.com.

Divergent Dental Resources

Divergent Dental Resources might be the dark horse in the world of dental analytics. Founded by Kevin Rossen in 2014, Divergent was built to provide detailed insight into his father’s practice (which Kevin manages) to help the team focus and not become overwhelmed by the barrage of data in practice management systems.

Divergent flew under the radar until recently, when Dr. Mark Costes of the Dentalpreneur podcast sang Divergent’s praises. Being a multiple-practice owner, Dr. Costes wanted to merge and analyze data from several offices and have it delivered in one easy-to-read report. Kevin delivered, and word quickly got around.

The most interesting thing about Divergent is that it’s not really “software” per-se. There is nothing to login to, no training needed, and no special requirements beyond access to email and literacy. Did I mention that it’s inexpensive? Visit divergentdental.com.


Caller ID on steroids is probably the best way to describe Weave. When a patient calls your practice, Weave has a pop-up appear on the office manager’s desktop that provides useful information, such as past due invoices and insurance companies that the patient uses. It also allows you to send text messages and email to patients, and it has a very user-friendly interface. Weave is a powerful tool for your practice, and it has a strong phone system that integrates with their software. Visit getweave.com/.

Call Tracker ROI

Never miss a new patient call again. Call Tracker ROI reports the most important things you need to know when it comes to inbound calls. No more trudging through complicated reports with too much data to confuse you. Call Tracker ROI tells you if and when you’re missing inbound calls. Practices often become so busy theymiss important new patient calls. This tool will help grow your practice and understand what opportunities you’ve missed and how to fix them.

If you’re paying a marketing agency to manage your call tracking, do you trust their reports? If you want an unbiased opinion on what is really going on with your phone calls, then check out Call Tracker ROI. Visit calltrackerroi.com.


Do you want to generate more reviews to boost your rankings and credibility with new patients? Podium can help you automate and get up to 15 times more reviews from happy patients. Using Podium’s mobile platform, your office can easily collect reviews from every review site in one platform. Reviews are essential to get social proof and trust from your existing patients, and to allow new patients to feel like your office is the place for them. Collecting reviews can be a challenge, but when you have proven system to help you manage, respond, and automate the task, it will make the process a lot more enjoyable for your practice. Visit podium.com.

LiveSmile app

If you’re having trouble educating patients about their treatment, the LiveSmile app is a new technology that allows practices to simplify education about treatment. It is a patient engagement treatment platform that enables patients to take ownership of their oral health with interactive treatment plans and personalized prevention tools. Educating patients and giving them wonderful experiences in your office are some of the keys of success to increase case acceptance for your practice. Visit livesmileapp.com.

Good systems are essential for any business to be successful. Growing a dental practice takes time and commitment, and these tools will help dentists save time and understand the data they collect. I’m a big believer in using software tools as systems in my business. Email me at jordon@boomcloudapps.com to let me know if you’re using a system in your practice that you can’t live without.


This article was first published by DentistryIQ. Republished with permission of PennWell Corporation. All rights reserved.


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