Becoming More Self Reliant in Your Dental Practice

I am a huge advocate of self reliance. I was taught at an early age that self reliance is a very important skill to develop. I have always been driven to succeed even though at times, it has been extremely challenging. I have started multiple companies from scratch and I have learned a lot through these experiences. Self reliance was a skill that helped me out when I lost my income managing the dental lab years ago. I remember I had the idea to create BoomCloud and was working on it and then suddenly I had to quit the dental lab due to cash flow issues. I was forced to become more self reliant. I applied for over 75 jobs and could not find one that could support my family, so I decided to focus on BoomCloud and rely on myself to support my loved ones.

I encourage all dental practices to become more self reliant. Understand the systems in your business and then teach and delegate them to others. If you do not understand the departments in your practice/business how will you know how to make is successful? Generate recurring revenue, this will make your practice better to manage on a cash flow perspective, increase value for your business, reduce dependence on dental insurance and give you more self reliance.

Here are a few articles I have written about self reliance for DentistryIQ.com and DentistryToday.com. I hope they will benefit you in your practice:

Dentistry Today
Jordon Comstock
Founder, CEO



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