How To Create, Organize, And Automate Your In-House Dental Practice Membership Plan With Jordon Comstock

Jordon had a wonderful conversation with Jonathan Van horn from Dentist Metrics. Here is what you will learn when listening to this podcast:

According to recent statistics, 55% of American’s don’t have dental insurance. And if your practice is only serving the 45% of patients that do, you’re leaving a ton of money (and profit) on the table.

One way to serve those without insurance is to offer an in-house membership plan, but when done improperly, it can often be more of a headache than a plus.

Fortunately, there’s a method to the madness when it comes to in-house membership plans, which is why I’m excited to have today’s guest Jordon Comstock on the show. Jordon is the founder of BoomCloud a membership plan software that helps you focus on what matters.

If Jordon’s name sounds familiar, you may have heard Jordon and his partner Ben have me on the Navigating Dental Insurance podcast in which discussed dental insurance.

What I love about Jordon’s story is how he created a software based on his own needs, and in our conversation, we discuss in-house membership plans in depth.


  • How Jordan got involved in the dental industry.
  • The biggest problems most practices face who have in-house membership plans.
  • Why Jordan’s love of technology and dentistry allowed him to create a product that dentists need.
  • The many benefits of recurring revenue and why that should be a focus.
  • What Jordon learned from developing and testing his software and how it applies to growing your own dental practice.

Listen to the podcast:


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