Podcasting with Mark Costes

Jordon Comstock & Dr. Mark Costes talk about membership programs. Mark announces his endorsement of BoomCloud and just signed up his offices to start using Boomcloud Dental Membership Software.


Here are some notes from the show:

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I discuss the benefits of introducing an in-house membership into your practice with the founder and CEO of Boomcloudapps.com, Jordan Comstock.

During our chat, we cover:

  •  How membership plans can significantly increase case acceptance rates
  •  How to decrease the number of people leaving your practice to “shop” for a lower price
  •  The newest patient payment options that decrease barriers and encourages your patients to purchase your plan
  •  Two case studies that demonstrate exactly how to implement an in-house plan

Listen to the podcast Below:


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