Why Every Optometrist Should Consider Creating a Patient Membership Plan

As an optometry practice owner, you’re continually seeking ways to deliver exceptional patient care while also growing your business. One innovative approach that can significantly benefit both your patients and practice is the implementation of a patient membership plan. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what a membership plan is, its advantages for your patients and practice, showcase an example of a successful vision plan, and present a case study that illustrates the potential impact on an optometry business. Plus, we’ll introduce you to a platform that can streamline this process – so keep reading!

What is a Membership Plan?

A patient membership plan is essentially a loyalty program that provides patients with access to certain healthcare services and benefits in exchange for a recurring fee. It’s like subscribing to your favorite magazine but for eye care; patients pay a monthly or annual fee and get access to comprehensive eye care services at reduced rates. This model operates outside of traditional insurance, offering simplicity and independent control to the practice.

What are the Patient Benefits?

The allure of a membership plan from a patient’s standpoint is considerable. Here are some of the compelling reasons patients might be drawn to such a program:

  • Predictable Costs: Knowing that they have covered their eye care essentials for the year can help patients budget more effectively.
  • No Insurance Hassles: Not everyone has vision insurance, and for those who do, copays, deductibles, and exclusions can be confusing. Membership plans simplify the cost of eye care.
  • Access to Regular Care: Regular eye exams and proactive eye health management become more accessible through a membership plan, encouraging preventive care.
  • Discounts on Products: Often, these plans include discounts on glasses, contact lenses, and other products, providing financial and incentive value.

What are the Practice Benefits?

For optometry practices, the benefits of introducing a membership plan can be transformative:

  • Predictable Revenue: Regular membership fees mean more predictable cash flow, contrasted with the cyclical revenue of a traditional fee-for-service model.
  • Patient Retention: A membership plan fosters loyalty, encouraging patients to return to your practice for their eye care needs.
  • Independence from Payers: Reducing reliance on insurance companies gives your practice more control over the services you offer and the fees you charge.
  • Streamlined Operations: Eliminate insurance claim paperwork and delays, freeing up your staff to focus on patient care and experience.

Example Vision Plan

A sample vision plan might include:

  • Annual comprehensive eye exams
  • 10% discounts on glasses and contact lenses
  • Free eyeglass adjustments and minor repairs
  • Periodic free screenings for common eye conditions

Potential Recurring Revenue Analysis

Imagine your optometry practice introduces a membership plan priced at $360 per year. If the practice enrolls 250 patients into the program, the annual recurring revenue from memberships alone amounts to $90,000/yr. A membership plan not only boosts the practice’s revenue but also increases the likelihood of additional earnings from upsells of glasses, contacts, and other products due to the built-in discounts. Given that an average pair of glasses might cost $200, a 10% member discount still allows a significant profit margin while incentivizing members to purchase directly from your practice due to the convenience and savings offered.

Case Study of a Vision Membership Plan

An example case study might highlight an optometry practice that introduced a membership plan and saw revenue per patient increase by 35%, with patient visits climbing by 25% annually. This case study can illustrate the power of leveraging membership plans for better patient engagement and financial health.

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