5 Productive Things to Do While On Hold With a Dental PPO

Waiting on hold with a dental PPO can be as tedious as watching paint dry. However, for a dental office manager or dentist, time is precious, and there’s always something that could be done. Instead of twiddling your thumbs, why not turn the dreaded wait into an opportunity to enhance your practice? Here’s a list of five proactive things you can do while on hold.

1. Schedule a Demo with BoomCloud

Avoid letting hold time slip through your fingers — use it to take a step towards financial independence for your dental practice. Access BoomCloud’s website from your smartphone or desktop and schedule a demo. Discover how a membership plan can create a reliable recurring revenue stream and reduce reliance on PPOs.

Action Step:

2. Download the “Fire the PPOs” eBook

Empower yourself with knowledge on why and how to break free from PPOs. Dive into the “Fire the PPOs” eBook during your hold time and start crafting your exit strategy.

Action Step:

  • Visit the eBook download page on BoomCloud’s website and get your free copy. Begin reading it on your device right away.

3. Explore BoomCloud’s Features

Get to know all the tools and features that BoomCloud offers. As you wait, go through the website and familiarize yourself with how BoomCloud can streamline your patient membership plans.

Action Step:

  • Browse through BoomCloud’s features and jot down questions or notes for discussion during your demo.

4. Play a Game on BoomCloud

Did you know that BoomCloud has a dedicated game to play while you’re on hold? Not only does it provide a much-needed stress buster, but it also adds an element of fun to your wait.

Action Step:

5. Plan Your Membership Marketing

Use the time to strategize how you’d market your membership plan. Think about special promotions, email campaigns, or social media strategies you could implement.

Action Step:

  • Create an outline for your upcoming marketing campaign, taking note of key benefits to highlight, such as no more dealing with PPOs, and emphasize the value of direct patient-practitioner relationships.


Being on hold is an inevitable part of dealing with dental PPOs, but it doesn’t have to be wasted time. By using these moments to explore services like BoomCloud, downloading insightful resources, and planning ahead, you can turn a passive wait into an actively productive period. Make each minute count towards building a stronger, more independent dental practice.

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