Verbiage Tips to Use to Promote Your Dental Membership Program

The biggest problems dental practices face with dental membership programs is signing up, but having lack or necessary skills to grow their program. In this article we’re going to go over verbiage tips to use in growing your dental membership program to your dental patients. 

Educate Employees on Membership Programs – How to Talk to Your Patients

A lot of hygienists and other employees that work in your practice are natural care givers. They are not sales people. In order to grow your dental membership program and get people to sign up, you need to talk to people about the program. 

Essential Verbal Skills

Help patients feel confidant about their decision to join your dental membership program. Help help team members, always use positive language and assumption language. 

Negative Language vs Positive – Telling patients what cannot be done vs. telling patients what CAN be done. Telling patients a plans doesn’t cover, vs. explaining about more alternatives, the benefit, being helpful and encouraging instead of pessimistic. Always use positive language. Doing this you will recognize a big shift of change. Makes a big change mindset in the person you’re talking to. 

Assumptive Language – always assume patients want to sign up for the program. Let’s do this, what questions do you have? Assume the customer will buy and move prospect forward in decision making process. Always positively assume. Offering patients savings and a path to receive more predictable revenue, why would patients not do this? Always have confidence and be comfortable when speaking. An example is saying, “Let’s do this – it’s going to save you and cover you, what questions do you have?” Speaking like this puts patients in a perfect corner to say yes.

Opportunities to Introduce a Membership Program

-New patient phone call

-Process of patient reactivation

-Financial consultation – checkout 

Mental and Verbal Approach 

Perfect Solution – Know the plan like the back of your hand. Offer the plan to all new patients and assume they say yes! The perfect solution for price questions or financial concerns. Explain the plan as a VIP Savings plan and explain exactly what they would save. “Let’s get you set up, how does that sound?” If people feel confused they can’t proceed. Know your facts ahead of time.

Reactivation – Reach out to overdue patients. Use your plan to provide a simple and affordable path to return back to your practice. Overcome the mindset of “it’s too expensive.” Send out emails and texts to overdue patients. Call with a solution and a new idea will reactivate people off your list and grow your membership program. Take a second with each person and come from a sincere place in inviting them to come back. This is a true win-win for patients and practice joining a membership program. It’s more of a benefit for the patient vs. practice, the patient having such a broader resource to services they otherwise could not receive. 

Financial Consultation

This way is your every day opportunity. Enrollment = case acceptance. Demonstrate the plan value and patient savings and that will increase case acceptance and enrollment. Assume your patient wants to do the recommended treatment and save money. Be prepared and have faith in the dental membership program as a solution. 

Be confidant in the solutions you have to offer to your patients. Always assume patients want to choose you and do the treatments you recommend. You can grow your plan as big as you want. Decide how big you want your program to grow and at what speed. 

If you have any questions on dental membership programs or Boomcloud, we can help your practice flourish with recurring revenue. 

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