Is “Real Insurance” REALLY the Best Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance options – HMO, PPO and public health are everywhere. What isn’t spoken about as much – there is another option to these choices. That choice is practices that offer fee-for-services – a dental membership program.

Insurance companies can tend to be too controlling. Offer options to your dental patients in running a blended dental practice. Providing the option to sigh up for a dental membership program through your practice can open more doors for your patients. Opening the doors financially and to more services.

What’s right for you?

How do you decide what’s best? Usually, the answer comes from your own experience. Getting exposed to what you like and what you don’t like helps guide your decision-making process. Also, ask yourself, “Are you happy,” and “Are you profitable to the level you want to be?”

If you serve a large demographic of people who may not have access to dental care, then you probably won’t need to work as hard for new patients in offering a dental membership program to patients. Patients will find you through the provider list from insurance companies.

If you have any questions on dental membership programs or Boomcloud, we can help your practice flourish with recurring revenue and give your patients an option to just dental insurance.

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