The Top 4 Problems Of Running A Dental Practice

Owning and running a dental practice is rewarding and challenging. Our goal is to help dentists and dental practice owners improve their practices. In this article we will talk about the 4 biggest problems of running a dental practice.

1 – Managing Cash Flow

managing cash flow can be extremely hard while you are running your practice. insurances don’t pay on time and patients forget to pay their bills. Managing your cash flow is extremely important in running any business, so if your cash flow is bad then that means you have a weak business and it won’t hold up during challenging situations.

2 – Patient Loyalty

Lets face it, the majority patients are not loyal when they can go visit the doctor around the corner or get cheaper prices somewhere else. This makes running a practice extremely difficult because you need patients for acquiring revenue and cash for your business.

3 – Working With Insurance Companies

By the raise of hands who loves working with insurance companies? They are difficult to work with, both on the doctor side and the patient side. Working with insurance companies can be your biggest nightmare for your practice. Who enjoys it when a 3rd party has the power to dictate your practice’s prices and cut your profits and revenue, this does not sound appealing if you were to ask me.

4 – Collections

How many times does your front office have to call lists of people just to get the money they owe your office, now imagine if you can automate the collections process, your life would be a lot better as a dentist or a practice owner. If you can automate this process it saves you money by not having to pay staff members call and run cards and it gives your practice a predictable cash flow!

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