62% Of Americans Don’t Have Dental Insurance

If you own a dental practice what are you doing to attract the 62% of Americans that don’t have dental insurance? If you are doing nothing you are missing out on a huge market of people that NEED dental care. A good way to attract patients without insurance is to create an in-house membership program where people get rewarded for paying your office a membership. BoomCloud is a software that your office can use to help organize and automate your membership programs.

Benefits Of Using BoomCloud For Your In-House Membership Program

• Collect automatically yearly or monthly

• Create Your OWN Plans

• Manage Cash Flow

• Loyal Patients

By creating your in-house membership program with BoomCloud you can attract and retain new and existing patients for your practice. Don’t rely solely on insurance companies  who dictate what you should charge your patients. You didn’t start your OWN practice so someone else can tell you what to do and how to charge, so create your membership program today!

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Learn tactics and strategies from practices that have built a million dollars in recurring revenue from their membership subscriptions alone! Creating a patient membership plan is the smartest strategy to implment in your practice. You will increase patient satisfaction & loyalty, Increase predictable recurring revenue & improve your case acceptence by 3X with members. Download the book Now!