Software to Use for Your Dental Practice in 2020

Software to Use for Your Dental Practice in 2020

At BoomCloud, we regularly speak with dentists to learn more about how they grow their practices from the ground up. We have found that strategically investing in the right types of software can help set up your practice for continued growth and success.

If you are a new dentist thinking about starting your own practice, you already know that it’s important to select a practice management software system that will help streamline your practice, and that will grow with your practice for years to come. However, you may not know that there are other types of dental software systems that you’ll want to use in your practice as well. In this article, we’ll cover the different types of software that can help dentists manage their new practices and set them up for long-term success, and identify some budget-friendly options that are excellent choices for cost-conscious practices just starting out. We’ll also discuss some types of software that can be useful for your practice down the line once your practice has become more established, and is looking to take things to the next level.

Email Marketing Software

When opening a new practice, attracting new patients is more crucial than ever. As your practice grows, retaining the patients that you’ve worked so hard to attract will also become just as important. One very easy low-effort way to stay engaged with your patients by regularly communicating with them through email newsletters.

Creating newsletters is easier and more affordable than ever before, with services like MailChimp that offer easy-to-use email newsletter templates, and a free tier for small business owners. Even if you only have time to create a newsletter once every so often, it’s a good use of time that will keep your practice at the top of your patients’ minds when they remember that it’s time to schedule their next hygiene appointment, or if they have a problem that requires immediate attention.

With Revenue Well you can access templates to create newsletters to keep constant communication and contact with your patients.

Online Appointment Scheduling Systems for Dentists

Today, many patients expect to be able to book appointments immediately online. By enabling patients to schedule appointments online, you’ll be able to have patients book appointments 24/7, instead of only during business hours. Roughly 45% of appointments scheduled through online systems are booked outside of business hours. This means that by forcing patients to call your office in order to make an appointment, you may be missing out on many patients. In addition, by having your staff spend less time on the phone, they can focus on other tasks, and on providing the best patient experience possible.

Depending on the system you choose, you may also be able to solicit more patient re-views to build your online reputation and gain additional exposure to new patients. Therefore, the benefits and payoff of this type of software extend beyond the immediate ability to offer your patients a convenient way to schedule appointments and check availability.

Practice Management

Curve Dental can help with practice management to keep scheduling simple with drag and drop scheduling, useful patient and scheduling reports.

Open Dental can help with practice management also with custom reports and online patient web forms.

Podium is amazing for patient communication and email, turning online prospects into potential leads and answering questions and scheduling appointments.

Dental Analytics Software

Dental Intel is a software that runs in the background tracking everything analyzing, automating, finding opportunities, and communicating with you and automated patient follow-ups.

Divergent Dental a reporting tool that comes delivered to you. No fancy dashboard or too many widgets you don’t know what to do with. You can view the metrics you want to see and have them delivered to your inbox with no crazy passwords to remember.

Practice By Numbers you can translate data and metrics into easy to understand numbers that you and your office manager can use to drastically increase productivity and revenue generation.

Insurance Verification

JetPackApps.com is a new and upcoming software currently in BETA. Connect to over 250 insurance companies and it will show you which companies you use the most and how much time and money you are saving. Easily verify patient’s information with access to dashboard reporting.

Patient Communication Software for Dentists

Automated patient communication software is useful for reducing no-shows and cancellations, improving patient recall, and in soliciting patient reviews. Typically they work by integrating with your practice management software so that they can automatically message patients who are overdue for appointments, or who require appointment confirmations. Once you have a sufficient number of patients visiting your practice where it doesn’t make sense to perform these tasks manually, then it can make sense to invest in one of these systems.

Membership Programs

There are many benefits to creating a membership program for your company. Creating an in-house membership plan will give your practice recurring revenue every month while helping patients gain access to the dental care they deserve and more likely to say yes to easy and affordable dental care. These plans involve some setup and ongoing maintenance. There are membership software options available to help you with this process. Your practice can now build recurring revenue which increases the value of a practice and allows you to truly care for your patients. Practices with BoomCloud can grow their membership programs by 1000%. For help with growing your membership program, patient communication and scheduling check us out!

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