How to sign up 1,000 patients to your membership program – video tips

How to Sign up 1,000 Patients to Your Dental Membership Program from BOOMCLOUD on Vimeo.

Growing a successful membership program requires effort, time and an external marketing strategy. If you only choose to sign up existing patients you will hit a cap. If you choose to create an external marketing strategy you will generate thousands of patients to your program.

Once you hot a thousand patients, it is a game changer for your practice. If you are charging $35/mo for your plan you will be generating $35,000/mo in membership fees. This will help your practice run smoothly and have a predictable cash flow cycle in your practice. In the video above I talk about ways to grow your membership program. Start with one channel and get it working efficiently for your practice. once you have mastered that channel start another one and get it down so your practice has a predictable system to generate leads and new membership patients.

If you have questions about growing your membership program i am happy to discuss in detail! You can email me here – jordon@boomcloudapps.com

Also if you don’t have a solid system to automate your membership program. schedule to do a live demo of BoomCloud here – www.boomcloudapps.com/demo

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