Dr. Brady Frank Case Study

Executive Summary

We needed a program to better manage and automate our company. BoomCloud has definitely kept us organized while providing a steady residual extra income for our company. 

When a recession occurs we realize how important it is to have a system like BoomCloud in place.

Why I Started with BoomCloud 

When I first got out of dental school I bought a few practices and didn’t think I could practice due to a wrist injury. I needed to create multiple streams of income. I focused 80% of the time on dentistry and 20% of the time on passive income. 

September 11, 2001 happened and the economy fell apart. Working income decreased but passive was still there. When a recession occurs it’s important to understand how important it is to have a system in place for your practice and income. 

When is the Best Time to Start with BoomCloud?

Coming out of a recession is the best time to buy or build assets. When a recession is gone it is time to equity harvest. 

Who Benefits Better from BoomCloud? Patients or Practice?

Both. Patients are doing treatments they otherwise couldn’t have afforded. Recurring revenue is coming into practices. It’s a win-win. 

What Market Are We In Right Now? 

Right now with COVID-19 going on, we are in the buying and building market. Patients are looking for deals and dental savings plans help patients save money in the long haul.

How BoomCloud helped in Regards to Patient Loyalty and Revenue

Helps with financial goals. Automatic recurring revenue has helped stabilize the office. At the beginning of every year we start with $449,361.42 in our account instead of $0 which is life-changing.


What Do You Recommend Most to Other Practice Owners For Success? 

We never will know when the next recession will hit, but history does repeat itself. Don’t be set for just the next recession. For total peace of mind my biggest advice is to add 12 other streams of income. One day you can then gain total freedom. 

With BoomCloud you can gain:

Clinical Freedom – procedures you want to do when you want to do them

Lifestyle Freedom – family, vacation 

Financial Freedom – additional income coming in 

BoomCloud is the most sophisticated software out there. I want to shout from the highest mountain top to get BoomCloud. I am so thankful for BoomCloud and what they did to stabilize practices. They offer the best deal and most automated software out there. 

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