EOS – How it Can Change Your Dental Practice

As your practice grows – especially if you have grown it from scratch – you may start to experience some growing pains. 

EOS  Better known as Entrepreneurial Operating System. Everyone in the practice is assigned rules and responsibilities. Each employee knows exactly who to go to for what – no need to second guess. 


In implementing EOS to your practice, gather everyone together and on a white board create a vision. Write what goals you have and what is important to drive success within your company.

For dental practices there can be a lot of confusion with leadership. Everyone is rowing in the same direction and some personality types are uncomfortable with conflict. There are also the  care taker types that are comfortable with having a manager. It’s a beautiful picture when there are self managed teams. Some practices have no lead and some have where everyone is a lead. Communication in these practices small to mid size are poor. There is a lot of assumption and everyone in the end needs to come together. 

Divide and Conquer – Teams 

In a dental practice – or any business for that matter – a lot of employees have been there a long time, and at the end of the day no one is responsible for anything. Have an implementor – especially the bigger you get. What I have seen in dental practices especially – there are lots of tasks assigned to individuals in the same department. A lot of things slip and are not specific. The people we manage can have up to 50 things on their plate – clarity is often missing. Prioritization flows into this concept as well. 

Specifically here at BoomCloud we have a customer support department and sales department. These are both two different roles. Sales team is a department and customer success falls under sales with three separate responsibilities. Layout in detail what each department and individual is accountable towards. 


Create an accountability chart. Make your employees feel foundational and accountable for what tasks they are over. Not accountable to boss or coach, accountable to each other. You don’t want to let each other down.

Constant Communication 

Set up a system in place for constant communication where you can constantly connect with your team – or if any emergencies come up. A system like Slack, text messaging, emails, and where you’re comfortable with those you work with to be in contact contact. 

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Set up a meeting structure. Meet weekly on results. Develop a scorecard. Structure of a meeting creates format and safety to discuss what happened or what didn’t – like weight watchers, an accountability collaborative model. Doing this takes out the “I don’t like what you’re doing” model. Knowing exactly what they are in charge of eliminates resentment. Meetings become more productive, everyone then is on the same level, sees the same vision, less confusion. 

Core Values 

Establish these when interviewing and reevaluating your employees.  What is important to the practice and rules to be here. 

Some examples of core values are: 

-Value self education – can still be a dropout but always keep learning and self educating

-Be a team player

-Be disciplined

-Show enthusiasm – always excited to coming into the office and working together

-Be driven 

-Have integrity 

-Be coachable

-Find creative solutions – business is all problems – be successful and find solutions 

Implementing EOS into your practice you will be amazed at the change it can make. It may feel hard for a second, but implementing these changes can make your day to day shift smoothly resulting in positive results for your practice and team. 

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