Features of BoomCloud

Signing up to start a membership plan with BoomCloud is exciting. The possibilities of monthly recurring revenue rolling into your dental practice is definitely something to be excited about, along with providing better customer care to your patients. 

You have already been walked through a Demo call with one of our tech support members, so none of this is too out of the ordinary. When first logging into your membership plan once signing up – it may suddenly hit you – NOW WHAT? There’s a lot of different departments in here! 

Logged into BoomCloud you can track important metrics like recurring revenue, churn rate, new enrollments, and understand the health of your membership program. 

Below are sections we will walk through to help better familiarize yourself with your account. 


Plan Builder

Customize unlimited plans and attract more patients to your practice.


Member Management 

Automate payments, add and track unlimited members, analyze payment history and patient management.


Contract Management 

 Organize your legal agreements with   your member patients and keep them in a secure location.


Benefit Tracking 

Easily track patient benefits so  your practice stays organized and patients receive the care they need.


Website Integration 

Integrate BoomCloud with your website so patients can sign up online and login to the patient portal.


In Office Payment Plans

Create automated payment plans for patients who can’t pay their bill in full and collect interest.


Online Bill Pay 

Turn your website into a collection machine. Our bill pay feature will help your office collect invoices 24/7.


Live Stream 

Your practice can see a live  payment stream of successful payments, declined cards  and new member sign ups. 


ACH Payment Automation 

We have connected to all the banks across the U.S.A. to allow your practice to auto verify and auto collect directly from your patient’s bank account. 


If you need any additional support feel free to visit https://boomcloudapps.com/support/ to visit our knowledge base, submit a ticket, or schedule a support call. 

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