Whats up everyone!

I wanted to make a quick video about the small update we released today! We have some minor bug fixes and are announcing some useful new features for you as a BoomCloud Customer!

Here is a list of the bug fixes:F

Updates to Bill Pay Portal: 

We fixed a login issue that was happening with users that signed up in 2016. If you are not using our Bill pay features this will allow you to put a link on your website to collect invoices online from your patients. You can get access to this when you click into settings and then bill pay.

Updated Next Payment Amount to Display Correctly: 

We fixed the next payment display in the patient portal. The software was displaying the wrong data and was confusing patients. This has been updated and is now displaying the correct payment info.

Updated the signature pad size to display correctly on iPad:

 When patients signed up on an iPad the signature pad was not displaying the correct size and not working. This has been fixed and your patients can digitally sign your dental membership program agreement.

Fixed UI inconsistencies with online member signup: 

There were a few buttons that were misplaced and  buttons were not formatting correctly on smaller screen sizes. 

Fixed logout error on patient portal: 

We noticed that when a patient logged out of the patient portal that it would take them to a 505 error page, this has been fixed and now will show that the patient has successfully logged out. 

Fixed formatting error with bank verification amounts: When you set up and verify a bank account it asks for the two amounts that were deposited to the patient’s account. Both amounts are under a dollar. If they add a decimal (ex. 0.27 or 0.50) It says that the amounts are incorrect and will not let you verify the account. When you enter the amounts in without a decimal (ex. 27 or 50) it will show as $27 and $50 but it will successfully verify the account. We updated the software so that you should enter in decimals for verification codes. When you enter in your ACH verification codes use decimals.

Member with Patient Financing charges are being billed correctly: This was a fix for certain members that were not being billed for  a small amount of patient financing charges. This has been fixed and updated. 

Colors are updating properly in the bill pay portal: We noticed that the bill pay portal wasn’t allowing users to customize colors correctly. This has been fixed.

New Features Coming April!

Our Team has been working hard on advancing the BoomCloud platform. I am very happy with the results I am seeing with them as they are working days and sometimes even nights to make BoomCloud better for your practice. If you have ideas or would like to see a feature that isn’t currently in BoomCloud, please reach out to our team! Here is our list of upcoming new features:

Easier ACH on boarding: We are designing the application to make ACH a lot easier where patients can automatically verify their bank account as they are signing up for your dental membership program. This is taking a lot of work but will help your practice decrease declined cards. The goal is to make ACH a primary payment method vs Credit/ debit card.

Member sign up wizard: We are making the user experience easier when signing up a new member to your program. Instead of a long page that you scroll down we have created a step by step sign up wizard to help you sign up patients without causing any errors or mistakes. 

Multiple members, plans,  individual start dates/ bill dates: Our team is working on adding more flexibility to the software to allow families to sign up for multiple plans and multiple start dates. This will allow your office to sign up a family member and if they want to sign up another family member 3 months from the originally family member on a different plan, they can do this without having to sign them up as a separate.

These new updates are expected to be released early to mid April!

If you need help or would like to retrain your team on using BoomCloud, call our team or go to the support page – www.boomcloudapps.com/support and schedule a time to learn how to use the software and grow your program. We are seeing a lot of practice sign up hundreds to thousands of patients and would encourage all practices to grow your program. We have also created the BoomCloud university that will help educate your team on the concept of a dental membership program and how to successfully grow it to hundreds of member patients. Watch the feee course at www.boomcloudapps.com/university 


Jordon Comstock

Founder, CEO