5 Reasons To Start a Membership Program

What’s up everybody?
My name’s Jordon Comstock, I’m the Founder/CEO of BoomCloud,
and today I wanted to share with you all 5 reasons why you should start an in-house membership program,
& why BoomCloud is your best option.

1. Patient Attraction Tools
2. Patient Retention Tools
3. Reduce Dependance on PPO’s & Increase Your Profit Margins
4. Generate Predictable Recurring Revenue
5. Increase Case Acceptance

We could list many more reasons why membership programs are a good idea,
but some of you might be wondering:
What makes BoomCloud Special?

-We automate monthly, and yearly payments
-Reduce declined or expired credit cards
-Our contract management
-Benefit tracking
-Online bill pay
-In-house patient financing
-Our website integration
-Patient payment portals
-And much more!

So call in today to start your free demo with us,
and see just how much BoomCloud can benefit your practice.

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