The Ultimate Roster of Dental Consultants

Looking to work with a dental consultant? We got you! In the fast-paced realm of dentistry, staying ahead of the curve isn’t just a matter of carving sharp incisors; it’s about fine-tuning every aspect of your practice to ensure it gleams with the pearly whites of success. This meticulous care extends to the behind-the-scenes framework that bolsters your daily operations and long-term trajectory. But who’s on your team when you need professional guidance that transcends the clinical chair? Enter the unsung heroes of dental consultancy – experts whose savvy insights and industry-tested strategies can revolutionize your practice’s profitability, operations, and patient experience.

In this dynamic landscape, falling behind simply isn’t an option. To keep your clinic at the forefront, we present a lineup of dental consultants whose expertise ranges from financial acumen to leadership development and every operational edge in between. Here’s how each luminary can illuminate the path to your practice’s pinnacle.

Dr. Mark Costes – Dental Success Institute

Dental Consultants: Mark Costes DDS - Smile Outreach International | LinkedIn

Dr. Mark Costes is the visionary leader behind the Dental Success Institute, a program that has revolutionized the landscape of dental practice management. A well-respected figure in business coaching within the dental sphere, Dr. Costes is admired for his direct and effective approaches to scaling and optimizing practices.

With a blend of compassion for the profession and a deep understanding of operational nitty-gritty, Dr. Costes’ approach is both strategic and human-focused. He understands that while numbers and systems drive the business, it is the personal touch and employee engagement that ensure the engines run smoothly. Through his programs, dental teams learn to meld a patient-centric philosophy with efficient practice management, yielding stellar results.

To discover more about the groundbreaking methodologies employed by Dr. Mark Costes and to explore a range of resources tailored for elevating your dental practice, visit the Dental Success Institute’s website at www.dentalsuccessinstitute.com. Here, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge and tools designed to optimize your operations, enhance patient satisfaction, and maximize profitability, all delivered through an accessible, practical format that resonates with today’s dental professionals.

Dr. Lou Graham – Catapult

Dental Consultants: Lou Graham, DDS

A trailblazer in clinical or product evaluation and product development, Dr. Lou Graham’s name is synonymous with the finest in research-driven, evidenced-based dentistry. At Catapult, he translates these foundations into strategic clinical application, benefiting consultants who seek to enhance their clients’ clinical futures.

Dr. Graham’s approach marries the technical excellence of dentistry with a clear vision for the profession’s future. His consultancy, Catapult, provides a unique platform where professionals can encounter real-world, science-backed solutions for practice enhancement, merging the art and science of dentistry with the contemporary demands of patient care.

To harness the expertise and innovative strategies fostered by Dr. Lou Graham & his Dental consultants at Catapult, visit www.catapulteducation.com. Here, you will find a repository of knowledge and proven methods designed to thrust your practice into the forefront of dental excellence. This platform is a testament to merging evidence-based dentistry with practical, actionable strategies, ensuring your practice not only meets but exceeds the modern patient’s expectations.

Genevieve Poppe – Poppe Practice Management

Genevieve Poppe, Member of the Academy of Dental Consultants

Genevieve Poppe has carved a niche in the consultancy field by focusing on strategic management that aligns the business agenda with the heart of each practice’s unique story. Through Poppe Practice Management, she instills the power of narrative in driving performance and engaging staff towards common goals.

Genevieve’s insight into the personal narratives that often become intertwined with the practice’s clinical and operational stories is invaluable. In her work, she identifies the nuances that could shape a practice’s branding, service delivery, and patient engagement, ensuring that the human element is upheld at every touchpoint.

To engage with Genevieve Poppe and to commence a transformative journey for your dental practice, visit Poppe Practice Management at www.poppepracticemanagement.com. This platform stands as your gateway to blending your practice’s unique narrative with solid strategic management, driving not just performance but also a cohesive team spirit and unparalleled patient satisfaction. With Genevieve’s guidance, your practice will not only achieve its operational targets but will also resonate deeply with the voices of those it serves, establishing a legacy of excellence and compassion in dentistry.

Hendrik Lai – Sage Dental Consulting

Hendrik Lai - Sage Consulting

As the founder of Sage Dental Consulting, Hendrik Lai brings a wealth of experience in practice systems and organization. Through his consultancy, he addresses the complex network of interactions that form the backdrop of successful dental practices, offering streamlined solutions that focus on systemic health.

Lai’s techniques emphasize not just the big picture but also the intricate web of interdependencies within a practice. By optimizing these connections, often overlooked in traditional consultancy, Sage Dental Consulting is able to impact change that resonates across all areas of operation, from HR management to treatment planning and communication protocols.

For practitioners eager to transform their dental practices into models of efficiency and patient satisfaction, Hendrik Lai’s Sage Dental Consulting stands as the indispensable partner in achieving such excellence. Leverage his deep-seated expertise in practice systems and organizational efficiency by visiting www.sagedentalconsulting.com. This platform not only offers access to Hendrik’s revolutionary methodologies but also serves as a beacon for dental practices navigating towards operational success and system-wide harmony. Join the ranks of practices that have witnessed profound transformations under Hendrik’s guidance, where each solution is meticulously tailored to meet your unique challenges and aspirations.

Gary Takacs – Takacs Learning Center

Dental Consultants: The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs means business when it comes to creating efficient, joyful, and productive work environments for dental teams. At the Takacs Learning Center, he has synthesized his experience as a dental coach into a curriculum that raises the bar for professional and personal development within the dental industry.

Gary’s focus is on crafting an environment where teams feel empowered to perform at their best. Mutual respect, clear communication, and a shared vision are the cornerstones of his approach, ensuring that the human capital of the practice is as well-invested as the financial capital, a philosophy that resonates with practitioners worldwide.

For those who are intent on revolutionizing their dental practice, harnessing the insights and strategies developed by Gary Takacs is a definitive step towards success. Visit the Takacs Learning Center at www.takacslearningcenter.com to access a wellspring of knowledge that bridges the gap between traditional dentistry and groundbreaking practice management techniques. Here, you will encounter a collection of resources meticulously designed to foster growth, efficiency, and a vibrant workplace culture, setting a new benchmark for excellence in the dental industry.

Ben Tuinei – Veritas Dental Resources

Benjamin Tuinei, president of Veritas Dental Resources | Dental Consultants

Ben Tuinei brings a laser-focused approach to dental offices, revolutionizing the way they handle insurance-related financial health. Veritas Dental Resources under his stewardship has become a beacon for those looking to untangle the complexities of dental insurance and maximize benefits.

Tuinei is known for demystifying the often opaque world of dental insurance, equipping practitioners and their teams with the knowledge and tools needed to streamline processes and increase revenue. His work offers a fresh perspective on a perennial pain point in dental practices, cementing Veritas Dental Resources as a must-consult for practitioners seeking fiscal clarity.

To step into a future where your dental practice’s financial health is optimized and insurance processes are streamlined, Ben Tuinei’s Veritas Dental Resources is the linchpin. Visit www.veritasdentalresources.com to unlock the guidance and strategies necessary for navigating the complexities of dental insurance with confidence and precision. By leveraging Ben’s expert insights & his team of dental consultants, your practice will not only overcome financial obstacles but will also achieve a higher level of efficiency and patient satisfaction, solidifying its standing in the competitive dental market.

Debra Nash – Nash Speaking & Consulting

Debra Engelhardt-Nash, Member of the Academy of Dental Consultants

Developing and empowering the key people within a practice is at the heart of Debra Nash’s consultancy at Nash Speaking & Consulting. With a background in human resources, her programs focus intensely on team building and leadership development, ensuring the right people are on the right paths to success.

Nash’s knack for identifying and nurturing talent within a practice is a superpower. By recognizing and growing leadership potential among staff members, she creates a domino effect of excellence throughout the practice. Her consultancy is a prime destination for those seeking to multiply the effectiveness of their core team members.

To elevate your dental practice through unparalleled team building and leadership development, Debra Nash’s proven strategies are your gateway to significant transformation. Visit Nash Speaking & Consulting at www.nashconsulting.com to discover how to harness the full potential of your team. Here, you will find a treasure trove of resources designed to bring out the best in your practice’s human capital, ensuring a path to success that is both innovative and sustainable. Nash’s expertise is the catalyst your practice needs to achieve and exceed its operational goals, forging a legacy of excellence in the dental industry.

Laurie Owens – Devdent

Laurie Owens, Member of the Academy of Dental Consultants

Strong on marketing and patient experience, Laurie Owens’ consultancy at Devdent provides a fresh and comprehensive approach to patient engagement and retention. Owens recognizes the centrality of the patient in the practice’s narrative, offering programs that ensure this crucial perspective drives the practice’s ethos and actions.

Owens’ mantra, that each patient visit is part of a narrative thread that weaves through their ongoing experience, underscores her consultancy’s core beliefs. By heightening the personal connection between patient and practice, she stokes a cycle of growing trust and loyalty, fundamental to sustained practice success.

For those ready to transform their dental practice into a hub of high patient satisfaction and loyalty, Laurie Owens of Devdent stands as the guiding light towards achieving these paramount goals. Explore the full spectrum of her innovative patient engagement and retention strategies by visiting Devdent at www.devdent.com. Here, practices can access pioneering solutions that not only prioritize the patient experience but also contribute significantly to a dental office’s success. Owens’ expertly designed programs are your key to unlocking a future where patient relationships are not just maintained but flourished, ensuring your practice thrives in the competitive landscape of modern dentistry.

Matt Hamblin – DDS Match

Matt Hamblin - DDSmatch Mountain West

A focus on pairing practices with the right fit for long-term success is at the heart of Matt Hamblin’s work with DDS Match. His consultancy bridges the divide between buyer and seller, advocating for smooth transitions that benefit all parties involved and the wider industry.

Hamblin’s understanding that the business side of dentistry is also deeply personal drives his work. Through carefully curated matchmaking that considers not just financials but practice culture and vision, he facilitates transitions that are not just successful on paper but in reality, a testament to his client-first ethos.

For those looking to secure the future of their dental practices through insightful matchmaking, Matt Hamblin’s DDS Match is the definitive resource. Ensure your practice’s legacy by visiting www.ddsmatch.com for strategic guidance and partnership that aligns perfectly with your practice’s goals and values. At DDS Match, your vision for seamless transitions is turned into reality, setting the stage for continued success and satisfaction in the dental industry. Here, you’ll find the expertise and support necessary to make informed decisions that benefit all parties involved, setting a new standard for excellence and collaboration in dental practice transitions.

The Academy Of Dental Management Consultants

AADOM - Academy of Dental Management Consultants

Collectively, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC) represents the gold standard in dental practice management. This consortium of industry titans encompasses expertise across all affectations of practice life, offering a one-stop destination for strategic evolution and problem resolution.

For dental practices eager to transcend traditional boundaries and unlock unparalleled growth and efficiency, the Academy of Dental Management Consultants stands as your pivotal partner in success. Delve into the world of possibilities that ADMC opens up for your practice by visiting our website at www.admc.net. Here, you’ll be introduced to a universe of solutions tailor-made to elevate every aspect of your dental practice management. Our Dental consultants are at the forefront of innovative strategies and insights, eager to propel your practice to the zenith of operational excellence. Join us at ADMC, where your practice’s potential becomes your reality.

Gary Kadi – Next Level Practice

 Gary Kadi -

Gary Kadi, at Next Level Practice, doesn’t just consult; he engineers transformation. His approach is rooted in the belief that the success and longevity of a practice are intertwined with the physical and emotional well-being of the practitioners themselves. His ‘complete health’ model incorporates personal and professional development into every engagement, leading to tectonic shifts in how practitioners perceive and execute their craft.

Kadi’s unique brand of consultancy is part personal coaching, part operational overhaul. By crystallizing the connection between practitioner well-being and practice success, he offers a paradigm-shifting approach that has resonated with a profession in need of both objective prowess and a human touch.

When the success of your dental venture is at stake, mediocrity has no place. These dental consultants represent a cross-section of the industry’s best minds, each committed to aiding your ascent to the zenith of dental excellence. Rest assured, investing in their services is not merely prudent – it’s pivotal. These professionals are not just consultants; they are catalysts, dedicated to igniting and sustaining the fires of your dental legacy.

For those seeking to dramatically redefine their practice through Gary Kadi’s innovative ‘complete health’ model, Next Level Practice invites you to explore a wealth of resources and guidance that can transform your dental practice. Visit us at www.nextlevelpractice.com to begin your journey towards unparalleled practice success, an environment where practitioner well-being and professional excellence coalesce.

BoomCloud’s Revenue Growth Managers – Scaling Your Dental Membership Program

At the forefront of fostering exponential growth for dental practices, BoomCloud’s Revenue Growth Managers specialize in the art and science of scaling dental membership programs. Leveraging the innovative BoomCloud Platform, these experts devise tailor-made strategies that not only amplify your program’s reach but significantly boost its profitability. With an unwavering focus on maximizing revenue potential, our Revenue Growth Managers are your architects of success in the evolving landscape of dental services.

The BoomCloud Platform acts as the foundation upon which your membership program’s success is built, offering intuitive tools and analytics that streamline operations and enhance decision-making. Our Revenue Growth Managers utilize this powerful platform to identify growth opportunities, optimize pricing strategies, and engage members effectively, ensuring that your dental practice enjoys sustained growth and increased patient loyalty. Through strategic planning and execution, these professionals turn the vision of a thriving, resilient membership program into a tangible reality. Choose BoomCloud’s expert guidance to scale your dental membership program to new heights, where unparalleled success awaits.

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