The True Value of Membership Patients (You are gonna love this video)

Are you losing money when you discount your fees on a membership program? The data shows us that membership patients are more loyal and spend more than non member patients.

We did an analysis of practices across the nation and found that membership patients spend between 104% and 240% more than non members.

This means the more you grow your membership program the more you will make from your patient base. This is a game changer if you market and grow your program as you will promote loyalty, reduce dependence on PPOs and increase revenue and profit margins.

The average non member patient spends $772.12 in a 12 month period.

The average member patient spends $1,576.12 in a 12 month period.

This tells us that member patient spend more. When your practices implements a membership program your business will win, your patients will win and your provider will win. This is the ultimate solution as it is rare to have a win-win-win solution.

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Jordon Comstock

Founder, CEO


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