How to use Fiverr.com to grow your dental membership program

Fiverr.com is a freelance website that allows you to hire freelancers such as graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, and other similar service providers to help grow your business starting at $5 a service. In this article, I am going to share with you way you can use fiverr.com to grow your dental membership program and generate more predictable recurring revenue.

1. Graphic design services: You can hire a freelancer to help you create more brochures, flyers, postcards, social media posts about your membership program. You can also hire someone to help you create a presentation so the slides look really professional and clean and then present your dental membership program in a professional way to your patients.

2. Public Relations: This is a new category to fivver.com and I think it can be useful for your practice to help promote your dental membership plan. You can actually hire someone to pitch news story ideas to your local news stations and news blogs. For those of you who have heard me speak I teach that getting featured on a news blog, website or live interview could be a huge credibility builder for your practice, it will also help gain attention and new patients in your local community. You can also hire people to write a professional press release for your dental membership program.

3. Voice Overs: I think radio ads can still be a great way to attract new patients to your practice. Dental membership programs are a wonderful solution for people getting ready to retire or retirees. These people still listen to the radio, in fact here are some interesting stats about radio: 93% of US adults listening to the radio on a weekly basis. Among the generations, Millennials represent the largest generation of radio listeners in terms of sheer size, with 66.5 million tunings in each week, Radio’s reach is highest among Gen Xers (95%), though, while Boomers spend the most time each week with radio, at more than 15 hours. You can hire someone on fiverr.com to record a radio ad for your practice and pay for the ad to be played during the day for potential patients to hear. I recommend downloading our free radio ad scripts here – www.boomcloudapps.com/starter

4. Writing services: A lot of marketing requires copywriting. Fiverr.com allows you to hire professional copywriters for blog posts, press releases, and case studies. You can hire someone to write the copy for your dental membership page, you can also have someone create a case study from a patient that joined the membership program and their experience with receiving quality dental care. the sky is the limit on what you can do with Fiverr.

5. Videos: You can hire a video professional to create educational videos about your dental membership program as well as other services you provide at your dental practice. Maybe you can create a video that educates patients on dental insurance and how a dental membership program is a better alternative. You can create a video testimonial as well so patients can see social proof of signing up for your dental membership plan.

6. WordPress & website editing: If you are like most practices your website is probably built in WordPress (BoomCloud’s is built with WordPress). I would suggest hiring someone from Fiverr to help you add a new page on your website about dental membership programs, add the website copy, videos and graphics that you purchased from Fiverr. You can also hire the WordPress/website designer to integrate your BoomCloud account into your website, your plans listing page, patient enrollment, patient login portal, and online bill pay.


I hope this helps you promote and grow your dental membership program. Below is a snapshot of a practice that has consistently promoted its dental membership program. They are automatically collecting over $30,000/mo in predictable recurring revenue from membership fees. How would this help your practice? I would encourage you to schedule a demo to see if BoomCloud is a fit for your practice.

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