Dentists Charge Extra COVID-19 Fees

The effect of COVID-19 has no doubt had an effect on dental practices around the world. With all the extra precautions dental employees have to take into consideration, financially it is adding up for dental practices. Practices have started charging patients an infection control fee between $10 and $20 to make up for extra charges related to COVID. Dentists who opt to charge the extra infection control fee should disclose it to patients ahead of each visit so it’s not a surprise – for common courtesy to patients.

Practices need the extra money to cover the cost of masks, face shields, gowns and air purifiers to help keep their offices healthy. The price of equipment has risen dramatically because of unprecedented demand from health workers. 

Dentists say they struggle to pay these extra costs particularly after most states shut down dental offices in March and April for all but emergency care. They are also seeing fewer patients than before the pandemic. Some patients fear going back to the dentist. At the same time, dentists need to space out appointments to keep the waiting room uncrowded.

Why don’t dentists just raise prices instead? Dentists said they have little or no leverage with large insurance companies to force them to raise their reimbursement rates. The ADA asked insurers to take into account additional COVID costs dentists face and many insurers responded by agreeing to pay extra fees.

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