Change Your Mindset Change Your Dental Practice

The success in having a successful dental practice isn’t in the cards – it’s in your mindset. 

Below are three tips in how you can readjust how you think to make for a more successful practice. 

Invest in your team — Believing in a growth mindset is believing that talent can be developed. It is the job as leaders to develop it. Take your team to continuing education experiences that will help them thrive in their roles. You can even encourage them to learn about duties beyond their current job descriptions.

Redefine failure — If your team equates failure with punishment, they will be discouraged to try new things. But if they are shown that failure by way of effort is a normal and expected stop on the path to success, they will push against boundaries to create growth. If their efforts do not yield success in their first go-round, fostering the idea of pivoting and “failing forward” can help bring about positive growth for your practice.

Start at the top —The most important part of creating a growth mindset in your practice is to ensure that the leadership also practices what it preaches. The next time a marketing technique does not work or a system is implemented incorrectly, add the words “not yet” to the end of your sentence. Train yourself to fail forward too.

Successfully developing a culture that has a growth mindset can change the course of a business. Research shows that in companies that intentionally adopt a growth mindset, managers see more leadership potential in their employees. Talent is developed across the board with better results. A growth mindset culture creates a psychologically safe environment for your team to try new things and push the business forward. It encourages employees to approach leadership to pivot proactively when things do not go as planned. The alternative is a practice in which team members cannot come to the doctor with failures or move past those failures. Even worse, it could be a situation where no one tries hard enough to fail in the first place.

Adapting a growth mindset is neither easy nor an instantaneous event, but the path to embracing this way of thinking has the potential to revolutionize your business and your role as a leader.

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