Dental Plan Management Software Success Interview with Steven L. Dilley DDS



“Everything you have taught us in training videos and webinars has worked” – Kim Barnes

We recently spoke with a successful client, Kim Barnes from Steven L. Dilley DDS in Colorado to ask about some of the tips and tricks their clinic has used to have a successful membership plan.

1.    How have you helped market to senior homes?

We make a goodie basket to distribute to senior homes. We set it up and organize with the senior Activity Coordinator prior. We visit local restaurants and share the membership program with part time employees and deliver them a goodie basket.

2.   What are your favorite features in BoomCloud?

We love the dashboard. The metrics keeps us up to date with our membership program. We love the trainings and videos.

3.   How has a membership program changed your practice?

The membership program has changed our Doctor. The Dr. is amazed with how it has affected our patients. Patients are more compliant.  Instead of coming in once a year for a cleaning, they come in twice a year.

4.   What have you done to grow your membership program?

Getting the word out to businesses, restaurants.

5.   What are your goals for expanding your membership program?

Expand by sending out patient emails and snail mail.

6.   Do you have any examples of patients lives being improved because they can afford the care they need on your membership program?

A family of 5 came back to our office because of the membership program.

7.   How has BoomCloud helped your practice in regards to patient loyalty & revenue?

We are getting patients to stay because it’s affordable. We have patients doing more dental work with our office because they are on our membership program.

To see how a membership plan can better help your clinic, visit us at https://boomcloudapps.com/starter/ 


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