Back to School 2020 Dental Practice Marketing Tips

For many dental practices, thinking Back to School marketing strategies is tricky. Throw in dental marketing strategies for 2020 and that’s a whole new level. Whether your young patients are distance learning, attending in school, or a mixture of both they will still need to have their teeth checked and cleaned. 

To really set yourself apart from other practices, you have to plan and make sure your enthusiasm is shown. Also make sure all patients feel extra safe and comfortable with all COVID precautions in your practice. 

Below are areas to focus on that needs are met when creating your Back to School Marketing Campaign: 

1.Welcome more new patients

2. Exceed your current patients’ expectations (get them talking about how awesome you are!)

3. Have less stress and more fun as a team

Marketing Ideas 

Even with all the uncertainty with how this school year will be different, now is a great time to educate the community on the importance of good dental health for their children as well as for the teachers.

Here are some ideas to help make the back-to-school season fun for the community and profitable for your dental office.


1. Theme:  Back-to-school with Healthy Smiles!

    Target Audience: Teachers and school-aged children

    Focus: Preventive Dental Services

    What: Education, Promotion, and Special Offers

  • Send a press release to local papers and news stations with “Children’s Dental Health Tips for Parents,” such as healthy snack and beverage ideas, when to visit the dentist, what-to-do in a dental emergency, brushing and flossing tips, mouthguard information, sealants information, and more.
  • Facebook/Instagram (live/stories) videos sharing the above mentioned tips and ideas.
  • Share social media and blog posts with dental health tips for children.
  • Promote special offers just for teachers and students during August.
  • August is Get Ready for Kindergarten Month – Send out a press release and promote social media posts that focus on kindergarten-aged children.
  • Send treats/snacks to your local schools along with some imprinted office items such as toothbrushes.

2. Set up a Client Appreciation Night social distance style

     Show your patients some love. Work with a local treat business in your community supporting local business. Have patients reserve a ticket and reserve how many people in their family during a certain time block. This way you can keep track of how many people and what time they will be there to allow people to social distance.People love their treats. Win-win – fun night out for all. 

3. Find a new home community in your neighborhood of your practice and send out complimentary toothbrushes with flyers and a candy attached. Get to know your new neighbor better and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Social Media Post Ideas to Improve Engagement 

Nothing is ever so fun and also so incredibly cheesy than researching those fun national holidays and including them in your social media line up. Ironically, they really work. People love to find out when these random days are. Also make sure you include open ended questions on posts where people can comment to help your post be seen more.  Some examples of some August national days: 

  • National Fresh Breath Day: August 6th
  • Book Lovers Day: August 9th (ask your followers to share their favorite book(s)
  • National Honey Bee Day: August 17th (Our patients are sweet as honey!)

Tie these in with your posts and watch your engagements go up! 

Practice Management Tips & Ideas 

Reactivation and Reappointment – How many of your “active” patients have their next appt. scheduled and how many do not?  Let us work together to ensure none of your patients are slipping through any cracks. A solid reactivation and reappointment protocol is key to keeping healthy schedules and healthy patients.

Earn extra revenue – Did you know you could earn extra revenue for your Dental practice?! If saving time during your day, earning extra revenue for your practice and offering your patients better alternatives for procedures within your practice sound nice to you check out BoomCloud. 

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Back to School season at their practice and this article helped your creative juices flow for ideas of how to better market your practice this Fall! 

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