The 8 best podcasts in dentistry

8 Podcasts about the business of dentistry are becoming more popular among dentists. By listening to the experiences of their peers, dentists can learn how to run their practices more efficiently. Here are the podcasts to tune into.

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Dentists spend a lot of time and money educating themselves about the clinical side of dentistry, but most do not spend enough time learning about the business side to help their practice run efficiently and grow steadily. Educating yourself about the business side of the practice is extremely important, and dental podcasts can help point you in the right direction when it comes to finances, dealing with insurance companies, marketing your dental practice, general business advice, and much more.

For those of you who may not know, a podcast is like a radio talk show on iTunes. People subscribe to their favorite podcasts, which are then delivered right to their phone or computer. There are thousands of podcasts available for different interests and industries. They’re catching on and becoming more popular with dentists. I’ve created a list of what I think are amazing podcasts that will help you take your practice to the next level.

The Thriving Dentist Show—I recently met Gary Takacs, the host of The Thriving Dentist Show. Gary has a great show filled with information that will help improve your practice and help you understand the business of dentistry. He also has a helpful course called “Breaking Free From The Shackles of Dental Insurance” that teaches dentists about in-house membership programs and how to reduce dependency of dental insurance. The Thriving Dentist Show is the number one podcast in dentistry with listeners in 150 countries. The mission of The Thriving Dentist Show is to help dentists build a great practice that provides personal, professional, and financial satisfaction. Subscribe to The Thriving Dentist Show.

The Navigating Dental Insurance podcast—The Navigating Dental Insurance podcast provides the tools and education dentists need to understand dental insurance and reduce their dependency on it. Its primary objective is to fight to protect the financial integrity of quality dentistry. Ben Tuinei and I are industry leaders in our respective areas. We both believe that the managing insurance shouldn’t be as difficult as it is for most practices. We invite those who practice insurance management day in and day out to share their knowledge and provide key solutions on how to tackle various insurance-related issues all practices see. Find more information at saynotoppos.comSubscribe to The Navigating Dental Insurance podcast.

The Dentalpreneur podcast—Dr. Mark Costes is a dental entrepreneur. He has built and sold a handful of practices, and his show teaches the strategies he used to build his practices. The goal of this podcast is to assemble the greatest minds of the dental profession so they can pass on their most valuable lessons in order to help their fellow dentists achieve their full potential. Let’s face it. Dentistry can be an isolating profession, but dentists don’t have to be an island anymore. For a host of free practice building tips and resources, visit TrueDentalSuccess.com. Subscribe to The Dentalpreneur podcast.

Your Dental Success podcast—Mike Pedersen is the founder of AZ Net Marketing, a boutique digital marketing and design agency for dentists and orthodontists. Your Dental Success podcast reveals dental marketing tips and strategies to increase new patient numbers and revenues and create a thriving practice. This podcast’s guests have created their own success and will inspire you to new heights. They discuss cutting-edge google tips, dental SEO strategies, website usability and guidance, as well as content and video marketing tools that will help dentists become leaders in their cities. Subscribe to Your Dental Success podcast.

Dentist Money podcast—The Dentist Money Show, hosted by Reese Harper CFP, is one of the fastest growing podcasts in dentistry. Each week Reese interviews an industry expert about the challenges related to a dentist’s financial progress. Guests have included household names like Gary Takacs, Howard Farran, Doug Carlsen, and Heather Colicchio. Thousands of dentists across the country tune in to learn about debt reduction, investing, practice management, profitability, insurance, tax strategy, real estate, transitions, practice expansion, marketing, and staffing. Recent episodes are available for download on iTunes or DentistMoneyShow.com. Subscribe to Dentist Money podcast.

Dentistry Uncensored podcast—Dr. Howard Farran is the founder and publisher of DentalTown magazine and the founder of Dentistry Uncensored. His podcast is about creating a better dental industry. Dr. Farran has dentists and dental professionals share their wisdom to make your dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality, and lower in cost. Episodes are released every weekday. Subscribe to Dentistry Uncensored.

Dentists Implants and Worms podcast—Dentists and Implants and Worms podcast was born out of Dr. Justin Moody’s love for information and podcasts. Working in western Nebraska and South Dakota, Dr. Moody often had long drives between offices, and he spent that time listening to dental podcasts. He started the podcast with his dental school friend, Dr. John “the Worm” Landers, Gabe Olson who works for a dental supply company, and Jeff Smith who is in charge of Dr. Moody’s practices social media, graphic arts, and business development.  Their goal is to share useful information while having fun. Subscribe to Dentists Implants and Worms.

The Dental Hacks – The dental hacks podcast was started by Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb. They are one of the oldest podcasts in dentistry and have a very strong following. They help practices understand both the business side and clinical side of dentistry. Each week the DentalHacks podcast takes an irreverent and informative look at the dental world. And let me tell you…this ain’t your daddy’s dental podcast. You’ll get great interviews from interesting people covering all the hot topics in dentistry. Even better, you’ll hear from the DentalHacks Brain Trust a panel of the sharpest and funniest dentists you’ve ever heard talking about the same stuff dentists think about all the time. Join your hosts Alan Mead and Jason Lipscomb for a dental podcast experience like no other!

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There are a lot of tasks and strategies to think about when it comes to running a dental practice. Listening to these podcasts can be an excellent way to improve your practice and educate yourself about the business strategies for your practice.


By Jordon Comstock

This article was first published by DentistryIQ. Republished with permission of PennWell Corporation. All rights reserved.


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