7 Ways to Grow Your Dental Membership Plan

Creating dental membership plans can be a great way for dental practice owners and dental office managers to attract new patients while also increasing their income. Here are seven ways you can grow patient sign-ups for your dental membership plan:

1. Existing Uninsured Patients

Reach out to existing uninsured patients who may have found dental treatments too expensive in the past. Offering a dental membership plan could be both cost-effective and attractive to these patients, encouraging them to return for follow-up visits and dental care.

2. Existing Inactive Patients

Don’t forget existing inactive patients who may have abandoned their dental routine due to the expense of treatments or lack of dental insurance. Reaching out to these patients and offering a dental membership plan could be the perfect way to encourage them back for dental care, leading to improved oral health and greater loyalty towards your practice.

3. Market to 55+ Communities

Consider targeting communities with a higher population of retirees or those over the age of 55 as they often do not have dental insurance coverage. Offering dental memberships tailored specifically to their needs can help you attract older patients who may need more frequent visits but don’t want traditional dental insurance plans.

4. Direct Mail Marketing

Utilize direct mail marketing campaigns that clearly explain the benefits of joining your dental membership plan, such as discounted treatments, no deductibles or copays, and convenient payment options.

5. B2B Marketing

Consider targeting local white collar industries like marketing firms, Accountants, and other businesses in your area to promote your dental membership plan. Collaborating with professionals and other employers can help you generate more interest and reach a larger audience of potential patients.

6. Networking

Leverage your existing network of professionals and colleagues to help spread the word about your dental membership plan. Ask them to refer their friends, family and customers or utilize online channels such as social media or website banners to get the word out about your services.

7. Special Promotions

Create special promotions for certain groups such as students, veterans, or seniors that offer discounted rates for joining your dental membership plan . This will help draw in more patients while also helping you build a greater sense of loyalty among your members.

By taking the time to create a dental membership plan and utilizing these seven strategies, dental practice owners and dental office managers can successfully attract new patients to their practice and increase revenue from their dental services.

What is possible?

With careful planning and marketing, dental practice owners and dental office managers can expect to see tremendous growth in the number of patients who sign up for their dental membership plans. This means more revenue for their practice as well as improved oral health for all of their members. The potential for increased patient retention and loyalty is also a great bonus that should not be overlooked. With a dental membership plan, dental practices have the potential to attract hundreds to thousands of new patients while significantly increasing their profits.

By implementing a dental membership plan, dental practices can capitalize on the opportunity to bring in new patients while providing them with cost-effective dental care options that benefit both practitioner and patient alike. With the right strategies and marketing tactics in place, dentists can easily attract large numbers of new dental patients and increase their revenue.

Here is an example of a practice that uses BoomCloud to manage their membership program:

dental membership program million

This practice set up a few different types a subscription offers for their dental membership plan. they offered regular preventative care plans for $30/mo per patients, perio maintenance plans for 475/mo per patient and unlimited whitening subscriptions for $20/mo which allowed both insured and uninsured patients to sign up for their dental membership plans. Over time this practice signed up enough patients to generate over $1million dollars in predictable recurring revenue each year. This practice is generating revenue if they are working with patients or out of the office on vacation. How would this type of business model affect you and your lifestyle?

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