Attract New Dental Patients & Grow Recurring Revenue

Are you a dentist looking to attract new dental patients? A dental membership program could be the perfect solution! With a membership program, you can target small business owners and their employees as well as uninsured patients. You can even incentivize these customers by offering discounts on services or dental products. Plus, with an easy sign-up process, these patients can become members quickly and easily. So how do you get started? Here are some tips to help you create a dental membership program that will attract new patients to your practice.

Create a Dental Membership Plan

First, consider what services or products you want to offer with your membership program. Are there any special discounts or perks that you would like to include? Offering discounts on services or products is a great way to encourage patients to join. Here is an example of a traditional dental membership plan:

attract new dental patients

Next, create an easy-to-use sign-up process that makes it easy for new members to join. Make sure to explain how the program works and how they can access their membership benefits. You may also want to offer incentives such as bonuses or referral rewards, which can be another great way to attract new members.

attract new dental patients

The above image show a practice using BoomCloud’s software to make it easy for patients to sign up for your dental membership program. Once a patient signs up, BoomCloud’s technology automates payments, tracks numbers and patient usage. Here is an example of a successful membership program below. This practice is generating a million dollars per year from their membership program whether they do dentistry or not. How would this type of strategy improve your practice and personal lifestyle?

attract new dental patients - Grow recurring revenue

Targeting Small Business to Attract New Uninsured Patients

Once you have your program set up, it’s time to start targeting small business owners and their employees. Small businesses often don’t offer dental benefits, so they are a great target market for your membership program. Reach out to local businesses in your area and explain how your membership program can help them save money on dental care. You may even want to create a special offer for small businesses, such as discounted rates or free services that can be included when they join your dental membership plan.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your membership program on social media. This is an effective way to reach local businesses and their employees quickly and easily. Make sure to include visuals and clear descriptions of how the program works so potential members can understand how they can benefit from it.

Attracting new dental patients with 55 and up communities

Another great way to attract new patients is to target 55 and up communities. Reach out to local senior centers or retirement homes and offer them discounted rates or special services. You can also encourage their members to join your dental membership program by offering incentives, such as free services or products.

  1. Reach out to the HOA & ask to present to the neighborhood
  2. Use direct mail marketing and offer your dental membership plan
  3. Attend local networking events and drive referrals from your new contacts

Creating a dental membership plan is a great way to attract new patients to your practice. With the right strategies, you can target small business owners and their employees as well as uninsured patients. All it takes is a bit of creativity, research, and planning.

People do Business with Friends

Don’t forget the importance of having a positive and welcoming culture in your dental practice. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Invest in creating a positive experience for your patients and employees and you’ll be sure to attract more customers. Of course, offering discounts through a membership program is a great way to attract new patients, but it’s just as important to create relationships with your customers and make them feel valued. Make sure your team is aligned with the same positive core values and be sure to share them with your patients.

Use Digital Marketing to Attract New Uninsured Patients to your Dental Practice

Finally, promote your dental membership program! Spread the word through online ads, social media posts, emails, flyers, and more. You can even invite current patients who might be interested in joining and ask them to share the news with their friends and family. The more people you reach out to, the more successful your membership program will be.

With these tips in mind, you can create a dental membership program that will attract new patients to your practice. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – just keep it simple and focus on how you can make it as easy as possible for potential members to join! Good luck!

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