Webinar: Win a war against an invisible enemy!

Jordon Comstock & Ben Tuinei Present:

Art of War: Fighting Insurance to Win! & Recession-Proof Your Practice With a Membership Plan – 2hr live event

Topic: Recession-Proof Your Practice With a Membership Plan

First of all, I don’t think we are going into a recession. In this webinar, we will train your office on recession-proofing by implementing a dental membership program. We will share important information with your practice on how practices that have used BoomCloud to create, manage and grow their own dental membership program have been able to thrive during the covid-19 shutdown and how you can put critical cash flow & recurring revenue strategies in place to prepare for a future recession, personal downturn or pandemic. This is what you will learn:

-Cash flow is king
-Cut out bad PPOs
-Dental membership plans
-The importance of automatic recurring revenue
-Case studies

Topic: Art of War: Fighting Insurance to Win!

Course Summary:
The Art of War concepts have traditionally been only applied to war strategies. Within the last 100 years, businesses started to see the value in applying war concepts in areas of business development, product development, and marketing. Within the last 20 years, professional sports teams have now embraced Art of War Concepts to apply aggressive and impressive attack strategies to keep opponents on off balance. When analyzing the Art of War, many of those strategies can be used to defend and protect yourself from the ongoing abuse from the insurance industry. In fact, it is very apparent that insurance companies successfully employed many Art of War strategies against dental and medical practices and it’s time for us to give them (the insurance industry) a does of their own medicine. This course will teach you how to successfully apply Art of War concepts that are designed to reduce and eliminate insurance abuse. By doing so you will also reduce a lot of time on unnecessary insurance administration.

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