Ultimate Guide to Dropping Delta Dental PPO

Welcome to a decisive read, dental professionals. The dental insurance market isn’t just a landscape; it’s a marathon. And sometimes, the best move is to swap the sneakers for jet-propelled cleats, especially when staring down the financial complexities of popular PPOs like Delta Dental. In a field where autonomy often becomes the under appreciated gap in service, it’s no wonder that a growing cohort of dentists and practice owners are exploring the strategic choice to unbuckle the Delta Dental PPO harness.

Why should you consider dropping Delta Dental PPO?

Your practice’s financial health isn’t a game, but suppose we could illustrate it as one – Delta Dental PPO would give Monopoly’s banker a run for their money. The crux of the issue is the rate negotiation, or some might say, the fee schedules you can’t even understand without squinting through three monocles. The balance often tilts in favor of the insurer, leaving practices to grapple with diminished profits and questionable patient loyalties.

Analyzing the actual impact is often surprising; many practices discover that the PPO isn’t the revenue stalwart it’s cracked up to be. In real terms, the administrative void PPOs create and the breath of freedom they take in their wake only serves to undersell the quality and value of services your practice offers.

It’s essential to digest the hard facts, and the numbers don’t lie. On average, a dental practice writes off a staggering $300,000 annually by participating in PPOs. This financial hemorrhage isn’t just a trickle; it’s a gushing wound. Over the span of a career in dentistry, that equates to a monumental $12 million. Yes, you read that correctly. $12 million forgone, vanished into the ether of bureaucratic inefficiencies and skewed fee schedules. This staggering sum represents not just potential earnings lost, but a colossal opportunity cost for your practice and professional legacy. The math is simple but brutal, highlighting the urgent necessity for a strategic reassessment of your insurance participation.

How to Prepare Financially and Operationally for the Change

Dropping PPOs like Delta Dental isn’t a sprinkler switch, it’s a system overhaul. You must prepare to stand by the financial fortress and operational moors you’ve cultivated with PPO support. It’s about buffering your patient base with the right mix—revising your fee-for-service model, investing in new financial protocols, and bracing for short-term disruptions that lead to long-term dominance.

Strategizing this transition demands a surgical assessment of the impacts on your practice. It’s not just about financial offsets; it’s ensuring that every practice pillar, from your staff’s peace of mind to the patient experience, is either unphased or elevated in the process.

Communicating the Change to Your Patients

The doctor-patient relationship isn’t a domain for diplomacy-averse decisions, and dropping Delta Dental PPO is a change that demands clarity and candor without the baggage of apprehension. Crafting the perfect concoction of reassuring narrative while maintaining professional integrity is a task worth its weight in canines.

Your communication to patients isn’t a press release; it’s a pact, an assertion that their oral wellness remains your primal commitment, with or without the PPO’s fine print. Managing the patient communication protocol can redefine loyalty and trust, transforming a business transaction into a partnership founded on shared values.

Alternative Revenue Strategies and Patient Retention Techniques

If Delta Dental PPOs foster fealty to the fiction of ‘best-assets,’ then the real-alternatives reignite the reality of a dental practice as a business. Patient membership programs, enhanced service offerings, and streamlined, subscription-based revenues not only outpace the PPO protocol but leap beyond it into a future where predictability is powered by investment and innovation.

Retaining patients and attracting new ones isn’t a waiting game; it’s a strategy tournament. By fine-tuning your offerings to what patients truly value, you pivot from passive recipients of PPO legerdemain to active architects of a service cycle that’s economically and experientially compelling.

Why a Dental Practice Should Use BoomCloud

Implementing BoomCloud into your dental practice’s operations is not merely an option; it’s a strategic imperative for those determined to transcend the restrictive boundaries imposed by PPOs. BoomCloud stands at the forefront of innovative solutions, empowering practices to establish, manage, and grow their in-house membership plans. This platform is the keystone for practices aiming to secure a predictable, non-insurance dependent revenue stream.

The core advantage of integrating BoomCloud lies in its ability to simplify the complexity inherent in managing a subscription-based model. It provides you with the essential tools to create custom dental membership plans that appeal directly to your patient base, thus fostering a sense of belonging and commitment among your patients. The direct result is a fortified patient-practice relationship, built on transparency and trust, free from the convoluted constraints of traditional insurance plans.

Financially, BoomCloud is a liberator. It dispenses with the need for insurance validations, claims processing, and the ceaseless cycle of paperwork that siphons time, energy, and resources. By transitioning to a membership model supported by BoomCloud, practices can expect a steady cash flow, reduced administrative burden, and a significant increase in profitability. This streamlined approach allows for a clear focus on delivering quality care, rather than navigating insurance bureaucracy.

In essence, BoomCloud acts as a catalyst, enabling dental practices to reclaim control over their financial health and patient relationships. It symbolizes a shift towards a future where the value and quality of dental services are unmistakably aligned with the interests of the provider and patient alike. The strategic decision to integrate BoomCloud into your practice is not just an investment in a software solution; it’s an investment in the sustainability and growth of your practice. A decision to choose BoomCloud is a decision to prioritize autonomy, profitability, and the overall enhancement of the patient-care experience.

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Case Studies and Success Stories

The testimony of peers has a weight that no amount of advertising can heave, and in the narrative of dentists who have successfully navigated the unshackling from PPOs like Delta Dental, there are lessons as tangible as gold standards. These case studies and success stories aren’t fables; they’re prognoses of a sustainable, successful future in dentistry post-PPO.


The horizon of dental insurance is being redrawn, with PPOs lessening in influence and independence emerging as the new capital in care. Dropping Delta Dental PPOs isn’t just setting sail for smoother seas; it’s an assertion of the expertise and excellence that your practice embodies. It’s a declaration that the value you offer won’t be commodified but celebrated by a patron base that appreciates the personal over the procedural.

This is your challenge, and this is your opportunity. The Ultimate Guide to Dropping Delta Dental PPO is not just a compendium of counsel; it’s a clarion call to the dental community to steer the ship of service toward a horizon that’s both financially and professionally gratifying.

We’re excited to continue this dialog with you at every step of your practice’s growth. Share your experiences, your questions, and your insights as you forge the path forward. Together, we can re-engineer the future of dentistry not just as producers of health but as pioneers of business in service.

Additional Resources

To further empower dental practices in their journey toward independence from PPOs and to enhance their understanding and capabilities in managing a thriving practice, we recommend the following resources:

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Dentalpreneur Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Mark Costes, the Dentalpreneur Podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom for dentists aspiring to evolve into dental entrepreneurs. Dr. Costes and his guests explore a wide array of topics, from the intricacies of dental practice management to innovative business models that challenge the traditional paradigms of dental service delivery. Episodes featuring insights into moving away from PPO dependence and towards a more autonomous, patient-centric model are particularly valuable for practices contemplating this significant shift.

These resources serve as a beacon for dental practices navigating the complexities of modern dentistry, providing guidance, inspiration, and practical advice for achieving financial health and exceptional patient care, free of the constraints imposed by traditional insurance models.

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