How BoomCloud Has Helped Dental Practices With Dental Membership Plans

With so many dental practices that have jumped on the BoomCloud bandwagon, there is definitely a reason why dental practices are choosing BoomCloud to accelerate their practice. We reached out and interviewed a dental practice that is currently using BoomCloud. Below are the top reasons why different practices have gone with BoomCloud.

Needing a program to better manage and automate 

BoomCloud has definitely kept us organized while providing a steady residual extra income for our company.” If you want to make yourself and especially your office manager happy, having a better organized, more managed database of your patients and have it so it is automated – you won’t know what life was before. Life changer.

Assistance and Reassurance During COVID-19

“Since COVID-19 happened we have been slammed! We have had thousands of patients reschedule hygiene appointments. With BoomCloud it is so easy to have everything in place and further organized especially with all the rescheduling. It is also so reassuring especially with shutting down for a bit the beginning of COVID to have reassuring revenue coming in. It is such a blessing right now.”  Right now is a very unique time indeed. The amount of juggling appointments around rescheduling and canceling is at an all time high. BoomCloud can help with that. 

BoomCloud Features

“We love BoomCloud’s easy to navigate features! We love how easy it is to sign people up! Very quick and easy to sign up patients and not super involved. We also love the payment plans. It is nice to give patients the option of paying monthly or yearly – what works best for them.” Our features are very user friendly. No stress involved in learning a new language to use our product.

How Simple it is to Expand Your Membership Program

“BoomCloud is listed on our website. We always tell patients about it when they come in. It’s spoken about when we make phone calls. There are brochures in every room. Hygienists share with every patient. We have a huddle every morning as a team. We do our research – do chart reviews which patient don’t have insurance and reach out to them.” Talk, talk, talk about your product to your patients is the best way to market. Have fliers or posters at the front desk or on walls. Have it mentioned in your practice email. Makes sure all hygienist and employees are well informed and educated so they can share.

Examples of Patients Lives Being Improved 

“They can afford the care they need on the membership program and get treatments they otherwise would not be able to receive. It is really a plus for those patients that don’t have insurance benefits. This program allows for the same benefits to be available for those without insurance and without paying out of pocket. Especially great now during COVID-19 saving money for so many. A lot of patients are on unemployment, seniors with lack of funds, this definitely helps so much.” Anyone can have the best care regardless of income or employment status. Such a relief to so many.

How a Membership Plan Has Changed our Practice 

“It has been great! Patients that don’t have dental benefits love BoomCloud! Same for our practice. We have had almost 100 patients in 2 months. It has improved our loyalty with our patients. Extra revenue isn’t bad either!” Between patients lives being improved with access to better treatments and practices gaining significant recurring revenue every month for their practice – it truly is a win-win.

Check out our ebook for more tips on a dental membership plan and how it can work for your practice. If you have any questions how you can create extra revenue for your dental practice, visit BoomCloud today and become more self-reliant.


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