Fire The PPOs Tool Kit. 

If you are thinking about cutting out PPOs and optimizing your revenue streams in your practice than creating your own dental membership program will benefit you greatly! We have created the “Fire The PPOs Tool Kit” to help you navigate your journey and give you a simple and strategic playbook to succeed.

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Ebook: How to Create & Grow a Membership Program

This ebook will teach you the basics of a dental membership program.

Ebook: How to Make 30K/mo With a Dental Membership Program

This book will teach you how you can grow & make 30K/mo with your membership plan.

BoomCloud University

This is a free online video course to help educate your team about memberships.

Grow Membership Plan Ebook
BC University Cover

Fire PPO Target Termination List

This list will give you ideas on which PPOs to go out of network with first.

What is BoomCloud?

Learn about BoomCloud and how this software tool will help manage your plans

Fire PPO Checklist

Download this checklist so that you can be organized & have a strategic plan in place.

PPO Termination Letter

This letter will give you a simple framework on how to resign for a PPO. (Not legal advice)

Patient Verbal Training

Learn how to talk about going out of network and how to educate your patients.

Fire The PPOs – Mini Book

Learn 5 strategies to reduce dependence with PPOs.

Radio advertising is a great way to spread the word about your dental membership program. Here is a free resource to help you create a radio ad. Enjoy!

BoomCloud Radio Ad template – PDF

Video Course: Are PPOs the Devil?

Video Course: The Basics of a Dental Membership Program

Podcast Episodes

Each podcast will educate you on how to create and grow a dental membership program.