What is BoomCloud? 

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BoomCloud is a software tool that allows your practice to create, organize, track, manage and automate your in-house dental membership program. Watch the video for more information.

Chapter 4: What is BoomCloud?

If you are interested in creating a successful dental membership program for your practice, you are going to need some tools. Traditionally, practices would manually manage a membership program,  but this can be very time consuming and expensive as software is affordable and efficient. BoomCloud is a web application that is used to help practices create organize and automate a dental membership program. Successful membership programs have hundreds to even thousands of members so if you are wanting to focus on growing your program BoomCloud will be a fit for your practice. Let’s explore some of the features of BoomCloud and how it will work for your practice.


As a practice owner you will want to track metrics for your dental membership program. What you measure you improve. BoomCloud has a complete dashboard that will show you how much revenue is collected, how much monthly recurring revenue or MRR is being generated, how much Annual Recurring Revenue or ARR is being generated, Active members, cancelled members, refunds and more. Most practice that offer a membership program and manage it manually don’t know the amount of active members or revenue generated from their program, this extremely important for practice owners, when you can efficiently track everything with ease you can hold your team accountable and be knowledgeable about the success or failure of your membership program.

Plans Builder

BoomCloud allows your practice to customize unlimited plans and attract more patients to your practice. You can create monthly or yearly plans, hide plans from the public, create business plans, tiered plans and collect payment with credit card, cash or ACH. Allowing  practices to have complete control of your plan is one of our customers favorite features of BoomCloud. We also have templates that you can use and if you have questions or need extra help creating your plan, we have a team of in-house consultants that help you do this!

Member Management

One of the most challenging aspects is managing members, especially as you grow past 50 active members to hundreds or even thousands. If you are doing this manually, running payments get forgotten, members lapse and don’t come in on a regular basis and it becomes tedious to manage. BoomCloud helps your team Automate payments, add and track unlimited members, analyze payment history and patient benefit management. BoomCloud is PCI compliant and is securely charging cards. Most practices keep credit card info on a piece of paper or google docs  which is not secure and PCI fines for this can be devastating to your practice.

Contract Management

Having patients sign a medical retainer agreement or a direct primary care agreement is a regulation in all states when a practices offers a membership program. BoomCloud allows your practice to manage these contracts and have patients digitally sign for them while storing them in the patients member account. This is critical as this will help your practice be extremely organized and compliant when offering a dental membership program, we eve give you a medical retainer agreement template to use and modify for your practice!

Benefit Tracking

Easily track patient benefits so your practice stays organized and patients receive the care they need.

Website Integration

Integrate BoomCloud with your practice’s website so patients can sign up online, view their benefits, payment history, add additional members to their plan and update their payment information. This give the patient convenience as they can always get access to their account and understand their benefits, unlike dental insurance – what a pain.

Payment Plans

Create automated payment plans for patients who can’t pay their bill in full and collect interest. For example if I were your patient and I need a few crowns or other restorative work but let’s say I don’t have enough to pay everything is full because I am broke – wink ha ha. You practice can set up automated payment plans, set the terms and collect interest from the payments. I highly recommend you keep these payments under six months or use your judgment. This is a great option to allow your patients to say yes yo treatment.

Regulation Management

Our dental membership software will educate your practice on any known regulations in your state so your practice is compliant. We are researching and updating our database as we learn and grow in every state. Don’t let regulations scare you, most of the time you cannot call a dental membership program “Insurance” Because it is not – calling it insurance would actually devalue the membership program concept ha ha. You also have to have a medical retainer agreement as well, we will go int more detail in the Legal section of this course.

So now that you understand what BoomCloud is and how it can help your practice successfully manage your dental membership program, I highly recommend that you schedule a time with my team so that we can help you answer any additional questions and give you tips on the best practice. You can click on the button not the menu of our website and schedule a demo now. I will also leave links in the bio.

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