How to grow a dental membership plan + Verbal skills

Course #1

In this webinar, we will train your office on recession-proofing by implementing a dental membership program. We will share important information with your practice on how practices that have used BoomCloud to create, manage and grow their own dental membership program have been able to thrive during the COVID-19 shutdown and how you can put critical cash flow & recurring revenue strategies in place to prepare for a future recession, personal downturn or pandemic. This is what you will learn:

– Dental Memberships 101
-Cash flow Strategy
-Cut out bad PPOs
-How to scale a membership plan
-The importance of recurring revenue
-Plan Examples/ How to set up a membership plan
-Case studies
-How BoomCloud can help you succeed

Course #2
How to talk about your in-house plan – Verbiage tips to grow your subscriber list.

During this webinar we will discuss:
The primary opportunities to introduce your plan
Essential verbal skills to grow your plan
Utilizing your plan to drive case acceptance & new patient growth

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Ebook: How to create & grow

This ebook will teach you the basics of a dental membership program.

Ebook: How to make 30K/mo

This book will teach you how you can grow & make 30K/mo with your membership plan.

BoomCloud University

This is a free online video course to help educate your team about memberships.


Watch this webinar to learn how to cut out PPOs & build recurring revenue.

What is BoomCloud?

Learn about BoomCloud and how this software tool will help manage your plans


Download this checklist so that you can be organized when launching your membership.

Radio advertising is a great way to spread the word about your dental membership program. Here is a free resource to help you create a radio ad. Enjoy!

BoomCloud Radio Ad template – PDF

Video Course: The basics of a dental membership program

Podcast Episodes

Each podcast will educate you on how to create and grow a dental membership program.