DIY vs BoomCloud to help grow your membership

There are a handful of practices that manage their membership program manually or by jimmy rigging their practice management software. In this article we will be discussing why managing a program manually is not a good idea for practice owners.

Issues with manually managing a membership program

Several problems will happen when you don’t use the correct systems or if the systems and processes for your membership program are locked inside your front office team’s head.

  1. A lapse in payment collection

One of the biggest problems that happen when an office manually manages a membership program is that team members do not automate monthly or yearly payments and they track it manually via the PMS which causes missing payments and unclear data about your membership program.

2. Giving discounts to inactivate members

When a lapse in payment occurs, as mentioned above, there are no methods to easily check if the patient is current with their membership program which results in giving discounts to inactive members or patients who have not been paying their monthly or yearly subscription fee. This is a big problem for your practice and it is not very professional. Patients will start to think they can get services from your practice and most likely you will forget to collect on those services. This is something that happens all the time in a dental practice and because your practice is not measuring your membership program it ends up getting unnoticed.

3. Processes are locked up in your staff’s mind

The biggest problem you do not want to happen in any aspect of your business is to have a certain process locked up inside a team member’s head. What happens if they quit or get fired or worse get hit by a bus? Every business process needs to have a system to help it move forward as the team members in your practice change.

4. Wrong mindset

Sometimes you run into a problem where the office manager and dentist don’t have the same mindset. For example, my team was talking to an office that uses BoomCloud and found that the office manager didn’t believe that people would pay a monthly or yearly subscription for a membership program (kinda crazy as a membership program is a subscription haha). The Dentist/owner’s reason for using a tool like BoomCloud was to automate payments and build a solid recurring revenue stream for his practice because he knew it would help him manage his cash flow better. When you allow your staff to manually run a membership program they can possibly make their own rules that don’t benefit your practice.

Why you need BoomCloud to help you grow your membership program

BoomCloud is a software tool built specifically for dental practices to create, organize and automate a dental membership program. It will help you manage your (the program still is owned by your practice) program in a certain way that benefits the practice’s cash flow and patient loyalty. Here are simple reasons why you will benefit by using BoomCloud.

What gets measured gets managed – BoomCloud

It is very important to understand this concept: “What gets measured gets managed or improved”. BoomCloud allows your team to see the following metrics: Monthly recurring revenue, yearly recurring revenue, active members, deactivate members, declined cards and revenue forecasting. We display these metrics so you can easily meet with your team about your growth each week. If you do not look at the numbers and talk about them with your team your membership program will probably fail. When you manage your program manually nobody is looking at these numbers so it is impossible to manage and improve.

Generate predictable recurring revenue

One of the reasons why practice owners want to create and grow a dental membership program is because they can create a predictable recurring revenue stream for the practice which improves cash flow and the valuation of the business. BoomCloud’s mission is to help practice reduce dependence on dental insurance, increase patient loyalty and help every practice create a healthy recurring revenue stream.

Processes and systems are owned by your practice

When you use BoomCloud to manage your dental membership program you are taking the processes out of your team’s head and placing into a software system that you own, which enables you to continually have your membership program vs having the system and processes locked away in an office manager or front team member that quits or gets fired, they will take the systems with them when they leave. This happened to a practice we spoke with before using BoomCloud, the office manager quit and the membership program stopped growing and no one knew how to manage it, who was an active or inactive member and how much revenue it was generating for the practice? Systems help you own and grow the program!

BoomCloud University gets your team to have the same mindset

As mentioned above sometimes your team might not have the same mindset as you, the practice owner. When you practice uses BoomCloud everyone gets access to our software training as well as our strategy/mindset training via the BoomCloud University. This is critical to get everyone on the same mindset and the same page when you launch and continue to grow your dental membership program.


I hope this article helps you see the benefits of using BoomCloud to manage and grow your dental membership program. Our team focuses on improving your experience focuses on how to help the practice grow each day. and BoomCloud is a tool and is not meant to replace anybody’s role in your practice, we want to help your practice run smoother in regards to your membership program and act as a partner to help you create and grow. I recommend you download my free Ultimate Starter guide and schedule a time with my team to see how BoomCloud can help you with your dental membership program.

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