Dental Software Tools that Produce Revenue

In this article we will be reviewing several dental software companies that focus on producing revenue for your dental practice. Technology has become an essential component of dental practices, helping to deliver improved patient care and streamline dental operations.


Many dental software tools fail to produce a return on investment. That’s why BoomCloud stands out from the competition—their dental membership programs create recurring revenue for dental practices in ways that can’t be achieved with other technology. With BoomCloud, dental practices are 7x more successful than their other membership plan solutions in dentistry and achieve an average of 18x ROI (return on Investment) for practice owners just from the subscription revenue alone. If we were to include treatment acceptance the ROI to use BoomCloud would be astronomical.

The dental membership programs offered by BoomCloud are designed to easily integrate into dental practice workflows and the most common practice management software, helping dental professionals maximize revenue while providing exceptional patient care. The programs provide dental practices with improved marketing capabilities, automated text messages to invite uninsured and inactive patients to join your practices dental membership plan powered by BoomCloud.

BoomCloud dental membership program’s customizable plans let dental practices tailor their offerings to match the needs of their target patient audience and practices can even customize payment terms to suit their specific goals. The software also helps dental professionals easily track all dental memberships in one organized system, offering automated billing and comprehensive tracking capabilities to ensure practice owners are able to easily manage dental memberships and track ROI.

By leveraging the dental membership programs managed by BoomCloud, dental professionals can efficiently drive new patients and revenue while providing exceptional patient care. With 10x – 18x the return on investment than their competitors, dental practices should not hesitate to use BoomCloud’s dental membership program to generate recurring revenue for their dental practice.

BoomCloud dental membership programs are the perfect solution for dental professionals seeking to streamline dental operations and maximize their return on investment. With BoomCloud, dental practices can easily increase patient retention and generate recurring revenue—all while providing exceptional care for patients. For dental professionals looking to invest in technology that will truly pay off, BoomCloud dental membership program is the perfect solution.

BoomCloud’s Dashboard

The Image below is a snap shot of BoomCloud’s membership dashboard. BoomCloud tracks the monthly and yearly recurring revenue from your practice dental membership plan and helps dental practices monitor the success of their dental membership program. You can see that this particular practice is generating over $84,000/mo in predictable recurring revenue or over one million dollars per year from active members on their membership plan. BoomCloud is the best type of investment for you practice.

By leveraging BoomCloud, dental practices can quickly and easily increase recurring revenue (The best type of revenue for your practice), attract uninsured, inactive patients and attract small business owners and their employees yo join your practice’s dental membership plans. With dental membership programs managed by BoomCloud, dental practices benefit from the improved marketing capabilities and increased recurring revenue while providing exceptional patient care that they can be proud of.

dental software

BoomCloud Patient sign up

dental membership software

The image above is a snapshot of BoomCloud’s patient sign up page. BoomCloud dental membership programs come with an online patient portal for dental patients to join your practice dental membership plan and make payments conveniently from their smartphone or computer.

In addition to attracting new dental patients, BoomCloud encourages existing dental patients to use their benefits up before the end of the year. This ensures that dental practices maximize patient retention and dental revenue while providing dental patients with the dental care they need. With BoomCloud, dental practices can easily leverage systems and technology to generate and increase recurring revenue, attract new dental patients and retain existing dental patients—all while providing exceptional patient care.

In conclusion, BoomCloud  provides dental professionals with a powerful solution to drive dental revenue and patient satisfaction. With software that is reliable, efficient, and secure, dental professionals can easily maximize their dental membership programs to generate predictable recurring revenue for their dental practice. Make sure your dental practice takes advantage of BoomCloud’s dental software to increase ROI and provide exceptional dental care for your patients.

BoomCloud is the perfect dental membership solution to maximize dental revenue and patient satisfaction.

For more information on how BoomCloud can help your practice,

schedule a demo on our website – www.boomcloudapps.com today.

Treatment 24/7

Treatment 24/7

With technology powered by Treatment 24/7, dental practices can get dental patients to accept treatment in the dental chair and even make payments right from their phone.

The dental solution seamlessly integrates real-time dental and financial information into the patient’s personal electronic device (phone or tablet) via a secure portal for dental patients to accept dental treatment and make payments in the dental chair. This dental software also allows dental practices to send emails or text messages with instructions on how to access their dental accounts or view dental treatment plans.

Learn More About Treatment 24/7https://www.treatment24seven.com/

Pearl AI

Pearl AI

Pearl AI offers dental practices a second opinion feature that provides dental specialists with an opportunity to give dental patients an informed dental diagnosis and treatment plan. This dental software technology utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyze photos of the patient’s teeth and provide dental professionals with a detailed analysis of the patient’s dental condition in real-time.

dental specialists then receive a precise 3D dental scan and dental X-ray from the dental patient, which can be used to accurately assess dental conditions and develop treatment plans tailored to the patient’s individual needs. By leveraging Pearl AI , dental practices can provide quality dental care for their patients while also increasing dental revenue.

Learn more about Pearlhttps://www.hellopearl.com/products/second-opinion



RevenueWell is an all-in-one dental practice marketing platform that helps dental practices to attract, retain and engage with their dental patients. This solution provides dental practices with the tools they need to maximize dental revenue while providing superior patient care.

The dental software includes features such as automated appointment reminders, electronic dental records, dental payment processing, dental newsletter marketing and dental patient surveys. This software is a comprehensive dental practice management solution that allows dental practices to focus on providing outstanding dental care for their patients while also increasing dental revenue.

Learn more about RevenueWell – https://www.revenuewell.com/



With NexHealth Online Booking, you’ll never have an empty schedule again. Our solution is fully customizable and syncs directly to your health record system. With software powered by NexHealth, dental practices can easily manage their dental appointment bookings from any device.

The dental software also allows dental practitioners to send out reminders and confirmations via text message or email about upcoming dental appointments. This technology solution is easy to use, intuitive, and provides valuable insight into patient data that helps dental practices make informed business decisions.

Keep your patient information organized and easily accessible with their online forms that sync directly to your health record system.

Learn more about NexHealth – https://www.nexhealth.com/


Dental software technology has revolutionized dental care, providing dental practices with the tools they need to streamline dental practice management and increase dental revenue. From automated appointment reminders to electronic dental records and dental membership programs, software solutions are helping dental practices provide a more efficient service while also increasing patient engagement. With the right solution, dental practices can maximize dental revenue while providing the best dental care possible.


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