Adventure Dental Case Study


We picked Adventure Dental’s brain on why they love BoomCloud and what their favorite features are. Check out the video above and read below!

What are Your Favorite Features in BoomCloud?

The dashboard is awesome! The information presented when you login and you can see where other offices are standing. It’s a good motivator to always get higher rankings and stay excited about success. The reports section is amazing and it’s so easy to use. You  can keep track of everything you need.. I love looking at it every day.

How a Membership Practice Has Helped our Practice

We have attracted new patients through having a dental membership program. It give our patients options. A lot of patients loose their insurance. It helps retain patients and keep them as patients, it shows our practice cares enough to offer this option to our patients.

How has BoomCloud’s Texting Email Campaigns Helped Your Practice Grow?

It has Increased membership sign ups. It shows BoomCloud cares about growing our practice. It informs patients we have this membership and informs them. People call and sign up and reap rewards from it. Having both avenues of text and email to reaches more people  to get the word out.

“I can’t believe there’s a company out there and wants to see a company succeed!!! It opens up that door for our patients to ask those questions to give us a call. I can’t say enough good things about BoomCloud.  I love seeing our membership program grow!” Leslie – Adventure Dental



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