15 Ways to Be a Dental Entrepreneur Within Your Practice

15 Ways to Be a Dental Entrepreneur within Your Practice

Hello dental entrepreneurs! I am so excited to be writing this article for you! I am also an entrepreneur in the dental industry! I created a dental software company named BoomCloud. The software platform helps practices create and grow a patient membership program. You can help uninsured patients and build a recurring revenue stream for your practice! I am excited to share my entrepreneurial experiences with you!

The business of dentistry isn’t what it used to be. We’re a far cry from the days of the solo practitioner who’d hung a shingle outside a small office. Today, you need more than just polishing skills and a firm handshake. You need the prowess of an entrepreneur—someone who innovates, takes calculated risks, and doesn’t flinch in the face of change.

The Dental Entrepreneur Mindset

You can create more than just a dental practice; you can create a dental enterprise! What does that mean exactly? It’s about fostering a mindset that’s business ear up as well as lighthearted. Now, contrary to popular belief, I’m not suggesting you turn your dental office into a roller disco (although the thought is fun). What I am saying is that to advance, you need to think like an entrepreneur. You need to see possibilities where others see only teeth and gums. Start with these steps:

1. Foster a Culture of Innovation

Encourage your team to think outside the box, even if that box is a branded toothpaste. Innovation is the heart of entrepreneurship, and in a dental office, it could mean a new service for your clients or a more efficient process for your team.

2. Be Data-Driven

Use data analytics to make informed decisions. Understand your patient demographics, their treatment needs, and how they perceive your offerings.

3. Plan for the Long Haul

Create a business plan – something more substantial than ‘make mouths minty fresh.’ Outline your goals, strategies, potential barriers, and how you plan to scale.

Advanced Technologies and Techniques

The toothbrush isn’t the only thing that’s evolved over time. Dentistry is ripe with advanced tech that can revolutionize your practice and set you apart as an entrepreneur in the dental world.

4. Adopt Cutting-Edge Technology

Invest in the latest dental and practice management software. Tools like BoomCloud™ can help you launch a patient subscription service—a modern answer to dental insurance woes.

5. Leverage Membership Programs for Predictable Revenue

Imagine if your practice signed up 2,800 membership patients, each paying $40 per month. This scenario isn’t just a dream—it’s a tangible target. By integrating a membership program into your dental practice, like the one offered through BoomCloud™, you’re not only providing value to your uninsured patients but also securing a steady, predictable income stream.

Consider the financial implications: with 2,800 members paying $40 monthly, your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) would amount to $112,000. Annually, this translates to an Automatic Recurring Revenue (ARR) of $1,344,000. This consistent revenue can fundamentally transform your practice’s financial health, providing you with the means to reinvest in your business, whether through advanced technologies, additional hires, or marketing strategies to attract even more clients.

Now, ask yourself, how could such a transformation change your practice? The impact extends beyond financial enrichment; it fosters a deeper relationship with your patients, securing their loyalty and promoting word-of-mouth growth. This is the future of dental entrepreneurship – are you ready to be part of it?

6. Specialize and Diversify

Don’t limit yourself to fillings and root canals. Offer specialized services like orthodontics or sleep dentistry. This diversification can lead to new revenue streams.

Operational Excellence

Entrepreneurial dentists need to run their practices with the efficiency of a Swiss watch and the grace of a ballerina. Efficiency is key to keeping costs down and quality high.

7. Optimize Your Operations

Streamline your appointment scheduling, reduce patient wait times, and manage your supply chain effectively. This will improve your cash flow and patient satisfaction.

The Patient Experience

Your patients should feel like they’re getting more than just a dental service. They should walk out of your practice with a shiny smile and a renewed sense of wellbeing.

8. Create Memorable Experiences

Invest in customer service training for your staff. Small gestures and personalized services can make a world of difference.

9. Engage with Your Community

Participate in local events, sponsor youth sports teams, or host educational sessions. This builds trust and rapport with potential patients in your area.

Financial Savvy

Being an entrepreneurial dentist isn’t all smiles. You need to have your numbers straight. Know the financial ins and outs of running a dental practice.

10. Maximize Revenue, Minimize Costs

Identify opportunities to increase your revenue, whether through additional services or better pricing strategies. At the same time, be vigilant about cost control.

11. Invest in Growth

Consider expansion, whether through a new location or by upgrading your current facilities. This can attract a broader clientele and improve your service quality.

Marketing Mastery

Just because you fix teeth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise some marketing chomp. A solid marketing strategy is essential for any dental entrepreneur.

12. Build Your Brand

Invest in a professional brand image that reflects your values and the services you offer. This can include your office décor, your logo, and your online presence.

13. Always Be Marketing

Maintain a consistent presence in your community and online. Use digital marketing to reach potential patients and keep current ones informed about your practice.

The Future is Yours

The dental industry is constantly evolving, and entrepreneurial dentists are in the driver’s seat. The future belongs to those who are willing to innovate and adapt.

14. Stay Informed and Stay Agile

Keep an eye on industry trends and be ready to pivot as needed. Remember, it’s not the strongest or the most intelligent that​ [continue this quote? (hint, it’s not the one typically attributed to Darwin)].

15. Don’t be Afraid to Take Calculated Risks

Trying new things is risky. But not trying new things in the long run puts a dent in your business growth.


Becoming a dental entrepreneur isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about setting the pace. By adopting these strategies, you can transform your dental practice into a thriving business that not only cares for teeth but also for the health of its community and the vibrancy of its industry.

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