130: Advertising And Investing In Your Practice with Ben Shaver

Ben Shaver began his career in hyperlocal advertising over 20 years ago helping local clients build their business through advertising.

In 2010 he formed Dental Inbound, a multi-channel advertising company that delivers ads for DSO’s, solo dental offices and specialists. They are unique as they are one of the only advertising companies that have a virtual front desk to answer all calls, texts, emails, and chats. This makes them fully accountable for their campaigns.

To date, Dental Inbound has run over 9,500 campaigns for over 100 dentists, delivering over 118,000 new patients.

In addition to being an advertising specialist, he works with select clients to help them build a sales and marketing infrastructure. He believes to be successful in building a patient base you love you need to be great at research, advertising, delivering a great patient experience, building social proof, and ultimately creating patient advocates that refer your practice.

If you’re looking for someone to help you be the market leader, contact Ben at info@dentalinbound.com

Ben loves to talk about dental advertising. If you’re looking for an engaging speaker please see his website at benshaver.com


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